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Daytime sleep - help Lock Rss

Any tips/tricks/saviours for day sleeps? She hasn't done for awhile but my 4 month old won't sleep during the day unless she is on me. As soon as I move or put her down she is wide awake. She will have maybe 2x 45min cat naps but I feel like our whole day consists of trying to get her to sleep. For the most part she is happy & chilled out but after about midday she is constantly yawning & rubbing her eyes (still happy though) & when she finally gives in its 4pm/5pm and too late for a nap.
She is a great sleeper at night (9pm-7.30)

Any help much appreciated!
Well done you having a great nighttime sleeper!
My daughter's the opposite, day time sleep- sure, night time-forget it!
A couple of things you could try:
Get her up a wee bit earlier in the morning so that she's ready for a nap somewhere between 8:30-9am.

Have three solid sleep cues. for my girl, I close the curtain, hum or sing with a bit of a rock'n'pat, and say "sleepytime" as I pop her into bed. Always in the same order, so she knows exactly what's coming.

Or try putting her down for a nap somewhere different. See what she likes, maybe being in a corner of the lounge so she's still part of the action and can hear you moving about. Or, and I know there's mixed opinions about this, but try the pushchair. If it reclines down pretty flat and she's harnessed in with the brake on, why not? And you can move her about with you, maybe out for a nap in the fresh air.

Also, how did you get your daughter to sleep through the night?! Im going crazy trying!!
A trick that worked for us we happily discovered one time, was making sure the room was warm, so she would fall asleep a bit quicker, but also she loved having a pillow on her belly and we would pat her to the rhythm of a lullaby. This way at least we weren't having to constantly hold her. Bit of trial and error, but my baby girl was about 6 months and big for age apparently so the pillow thing worked. Maybe have a smaller pillow for yours if you try? Good lucK!! smile
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