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Resettling without dummy in the night Lock Rss

my 8 month old has been quite challenging with her day sleeps since she was born but after a stint with a sleep consultant and a week at mother craft she has been getting better and better at day sleeps. I really feel I can't complain as she has come so far but there's one thing I'm still wanting help with. In the night she wakes once or twice and all she needs is the dummy put back in and she falls back to sleep, but how do I break that habit? Occasionally she sleeps the whole night without needing it put back in but how can I help her to do that every night?
She has a nap of about 1hr 45 first thing in the morn and 95% of the time she settles herself to sleep for this first nap of the day. Then she has either 2 more 45min-1hr naps later in the day, or one more solid nap of anywhere from 1hr 45-2.5hrs. With those naps and at her night sleep, I give her 20mins to try and fall asleep herself before I give the dummy. However she has never (in the past 4months!) fallen asleep by herself in this 20mins, then as soon as I give her dummy she is out! Maybe I should give her a lil longer to try and self settle? She has a snuggley that she sucks on and tries to go to sleep by using that but she gets frustrated. I know she can self settle cos she does it in the morn and she also sleeps in the car and push chair without a dummy. But then she is relying on it to resettle so she mustn't have fully mastered that skill yet.
Any tips for how to either wean her off the dummy or to help her resettle during the night? Thanks everyone:-)
These are just my own thoughts but if you want to be dummy free then I would suggest addressing sleep and self settling as a whole. I.E ... ALL sleep,naps, bedtimes, everything, address it all in one go because they all require her to know HOW to self soothe and get herself off to dreamland.

What I did with my boy who also LOVED the dummy i started settling him every nap time without it. I addressed self soothing and re settling between sleep cycles during the day when he was having about 3 naps a day.
I gave myself 7 days to nip it in the bud and did the same thing in the same order with every time he needed to sleep. My reasons for doing this were very straight forward - i didnt want to have to get up to re settle him in the night, when he needed to learn how to do it himself and I was getting really irritated at how often he would spit his dummy out to get me to go back in to comfort him. So I removed the dummy altogether. The first day was the hardest as you would expect. But he caught on very fast, and was self soothing and re settling between sleep cycles within 3 days.

I did all of the hard work during the day. When I was awake anyway and had the mental energy to concentrate on the task at hand. By day 3, I could hear him wake in the night and then settle himself back to sleep without me. Now he just gives me the signals that he wants to sleep and I can put him down eyes open in his cot, walk out, close the door and he does the rest himself. The only time he takes a bit longer to settle and where I have to cuddle him a bit longer before bed, is when he is having a growth spurt. Otherwise even in expected periods of crankiness, sleeplessness and fussiness, he still eventually goes to sleep on his own, without my assistance, or a dummy.

With your girl, she clearly knows how to self settle. Sounds like she just needs some gentle guidance and reminding that she can do it at any time. And not just for the first nap of the day. I would also expect her to sleep in pram or car without a dummy because the motion would be naturally soothing to her. I have heard that it can take a long time to wean babes off dummies but it really didnt take long for me and my boy and I honestly don't expect that it would take long for you and your girl either.

if you prefer a gentler approach, then you could try not offering it straightaway or everytime she is yelling out for it in the night. You could try gradually increasing the time before you do offer it. . I.e.
- Night 1, don't offer straight away. Give her longer to settle. And if she doesn't completely settle say after 20 mins, offer it. ....
- Night 2: give her 4 minutes longer than the previous night to settle before offering it.
- Night 3: give her 7 minutes longer than the previous night to settle before offering it.
- Night 4: give her 10 minutes longer than the previous to settle before offering it.
- Night 5, 12 mins, Night 6, 20 minutes etc etc.

With that said, if she hasnt settled within 40mins of waking for it, then addressing self settling as a whole is probably the way to go. So do what I did and give yourself 7 days to nip it in the bud and make sure she takes ALL naps at home, and teach her to self settle without it. It also means that most of your hard work happens during the day when you yourself are awake and have the mental energy to concentrate on it. And you might get lucky in the sense that after 1 day of naps without a dummy and a bit of protest crying, your girl might end up resettling without the dummy that very night. At 8months with self settling skills already it really should not take long.

Maybe keep a scorecard so you can see the progress... and award yourself a point for every nap/sleep resettle that she does without the dummy. Then award her one if she needs it to get to sleep even after you have offered other soothing alternatives, like rubbing her head or her snuggly. I would say it wont take long and you will start to see more points in your column. grin
There are also some good tips on how to ditch the dummy here:

Best of luck!

Thank you Victoria for your advice. I have started doing some of it, (I wasn't ready to do the complete no dummy yet as we have been very busy and not all sleeps have been at home) and I have seen improvements already. On the First night she woke for the dummy I left her and after 6 mins she went back to sleep herself and since then she has only woken once in the past 6 nights for it!!! Yay!! On that night we were staying at a family members house so I gave it to her cos I didn't want to wake the family but she hasn't woken for it since we have been home again. She now sleeps right through until about 5:30-5:45 and then I'm still giving it to her then but even with it she doesn't go back to sleep as she is actually ready to get up I guess. She will then usually just relax and chill in her bed until about 6:30am so I'm happy with that:-)
In the day she has had a few days where she has settled without it in her afternoon sleeps and I've heard her wake after 45min and I think, oh no she's awake already, but then she resettles herself! Great progress!!
So now I just need to commit to all sleep times trying to fall asleep without dummy. But I'm very happy with the progress in just one week. Thank you for your advice.
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