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Trouble getting 4.5week old to sleep Lock Rss

Hopefully someone can help us... our wee boy is almost 5 weeks old and we really battle getting him to sleep. He is formula fed and takes between 120-150ml per feed, sometimes 4hourly feeds but can also be 2.5-3hrs. We have omeprazole for him as doctor suspected reflux has been on this for a week and has helped I think after feeds he seems much more comfortable. I can manage to get him to sleep on me usually but worried this is creating bad habits.. it can take a good couple of hours sometimes to get him to settle in his bassinet, continuous resetting - he falls asleep and then wakes again. We use a dummy but he's not always interested in it. I have also tried leaving him to cry which I haven't had any luck with... would be really keen to hear any advice/ideas/reassurance!!! Everyone keeps telling me it gets easier... when??!!
Hi, you are certainly not alone. I was doing the same when my son was younger and it just took a few days to get him into a bit of a routine and learning to go to sleep in his bed. He still has occasional times when he doesn't want to go down. It's so hard when they cry (or scream) at bedtime. Have you tried swaddling your son? Or using white noise?
He is practically brand new still, and for that reason I would never leave him to cry. Cuddle, rock and sing at this age is what I would do. After 12 weeks, and after his tummy settles, maybe try for some routine then.
I can only speak for myself, but my baby boy was a nightmare at 5 weeks old. This was mostly because I had no milk and had to make the transition from breast to bottle. But can I say, that once he had a decent couple of feeds from formula, he was sleeping much longer and seemed generally more settled. I'm pro-breast if you are able to, but i won't denya that formula certainly settled him into a more relaxed and easy routine.

Of course if you are breastfeeding, this might not be an option. My only other advice is the same as the others. He is still so so SO young and you are all still getting into a routine. This is just another part of parenting that we all have to power through. If you need to rock him to sleep in order to get some peace and quiet (not to meniton sleep yourself) then do it. I would never ever attemp control crying until around 6 months personally, as young babies cry for a reason and I believe those needs should be attended to asap. (Again, just my opinion). Have you tried rocking or vibrating cradles/chairs to get him to sleep? Remember that once you do get into a routine, they will change it on you again anyway, so its much better f you can go with the flow than try to get your baby to adjust to your schedule. smile
If all else fails and you feel that he's just not sleeping enough, take him back to a doctor and investigate further. goodluck!
My babes was the same. I started propping him up with a pillow and i did thjs because it would help prevent any milk comjng up from histummy. He would wake frequently before I used a pillow.. Also sometimes rocking or the way i burped him etc just used to stir things up inside so when I put him down ... it wasn't comfortable at all. So I stopped rocking and started shusshing instead.

You could use infacol. Helps wind come up faster and in one or two lots decreasing the need for air to rise up later bringng his feed with it or causing him to wake in his sleep because hes self burping.

Does your babes have a natural rhythm? A natural pattern of feeding and sleeping? You could start writing it all down on a log to pick up patterns. It works for me. It helps me pick up on patterns ... # of mls vs time slept etc or # of mls vs time awake. So on and so forth.

I also started to see my babies natural routine. That could be a way for you to see stuff you maybe missing?

You might notice he settled better after a certain Amt of bottle? Or he might need more active awake time?
You could try changing his routine a bit ... try not feeding him when he wakes ... particularly if hes not screaming for it ...try playing instead do tummy time (wear him out) ... or nappy off time to get those legs moving! It will make him tired then hungry. Feed him a full bottle and it will help settle him. Then start your normal mummy cuddle time prior to sleepy time. Or break the feed up ... half before awake time ... half after to help relax for sleep. Just a thought?

I had similar issues. all the normal settling things didn't work ... rocking, etc. So I increased activity during alert time ... made it more physical and full on. Moving arms and legs, tummy time, did all that and ichanged when I fed him. I always fed after play time but before sleep time. By time he was havng a bottle he was also winding down for a sleep. That could work for you too? If he has reflux pillows are great. I highly recommend.

i had same worries as you ... am i creating bad habits? And right now your not. You cant. What your doing is helping him get to sleep because he needs that. There are lots of wee things you can do ... like shushhing .... pillows ... sitting still and letting him fall asleep on his own ... sometimes though its not just asettling thing ... sometimes just changing something like when you feed him or the order of your routime can make a massive difference. you could try things people are taboo about ... within reason of course and seek advice from people you trust because everyome has different views of what works. Constable Society told me not to use a pillow because of danger of suffocation etc but i did. no one cares more about my babies welfare than me and i knew i would be right there so I tried pillows and they worked amazingly for me. Eventually I willtake them away but for now they help. They are everywhere ... on hjs bouncer ... on his cot .... he has a travel pillow ... on his change table lol practically pillow land round my house!.. i also dont do eat play sleep routines. By time my baby wants to sleep he is hungry again. And I always felt like I was force feeding him with the EPS order. Try re arranging your routine order see if he responds and it makes a difference.
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