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HELP My baby wont sleep! Lock Rss

My baby is 6.5 months and I am having trouble with her sleeping. I had no problems until she turned 3.5 months. I could put her down awake to drift off to sleep and she had begun sleeping 6=7 hour stretches. We have a bedtime routine with bath, story, milk (breast) and bed where she would be asleep around 7pm. I would feed her around 11pm then she would wake at 2/3am then again around 5-7am.

Once 3.5 months hit she started waking around 1am,,, then every 2-3 hours later.Then she started waking earlier than 11pm for the "Dream feed". Then she started putting off going to sleep til after 8pm.Now she is going down at 7pm/8pm which is no problem but waking 10min to 30min later and then every 10-30min there after.
Recently one night she woke at 3am and kept me awake til after 5am. As a result I had her lie next to me on the bed and we now co-sleep. This is proving the only way she will relax and sleep for longer stretches, and allows me time to rest/sleep. I have no problem with cosleeping in the same bed other than the fear of god put into me thru SUDI and agencies advocating against it. I dont drink, smoke or do drugs and ensure there are no toys or blankets etc that could cause risks. I have her cot jimmied up against the bed and she sleeps between that and me. No way will i put her between my partner and I.
I have slightly tried CC but worry about the effects, and I can not do CIO methods. She is on solids. Highly active (commando crawling@ 5.5 mnths). She was 3 weeks prem and spent first night in neo natal without me. severely jaundice for first 2-3weeks, no teeth (Yet) and that is all i can think of. I have wondered if it is teething, heat, virus(she poss just had one), 4 mnth sleep regression, developmental? I am not sure what I am asking whether reassurance or advice? ANyone else going through similar scenario?

Hi, how much sleep in the day is your daughter getting? It wasn't until my midwife pointed out my son was sleeping "too many" hours in the day and that's why we were up a lot of the night! Have you tried her in a routine? Do you swaddle or have a sleeping bag for her? My son rarely sleeps in the evening! And only goes down between 9-10 and he's a couple of months older than your girl. He is also super active, crawling, having solids. Your situation sounds very familiar so hang in there. smile
Thanks for replying means alot.
Bubba has about 2 naps a day (occasionally 3) Morning one around 10ish and afternoon around 2ish. How long for varies from 30min to an occasional 2-3 hour. It never seems to matter how many hours she sleeps in the day. Yea we are in a routine and she sleeps in a bag.... though it been really hot lately most days and nights. I have struggled to swaddle her since 4 mnths as she is quite strong and wiggles her way out. As much as I felt she needed it then she didn't like it. (Too hot also for it).

Last night she would not settle unless on my bed. Then she stirred every 2 hours. It is odd cos she is quite happy to sleep in her cot during the day when it is time to.

thanks Boo15
Oh my goodness, that sounds exactly like my little man! He sleeps at 830 and 12.. it can vary from 15min - 2hrs. Depending on how he feels! Sometimes he will go down at 4, despite our best efforts. Yes it has been hot, he has just been in a bodysuit in his sleeping bags and occasionally a fan onot for a short time too. Have you tried moving your girl back to her bed once she falbs asleep in your bed? We managed that transfer very late the other night. Clearly I have no more advice, but it's nice to know I'm night other the only one going through interesting sleep times. Hang in there, I hear it gets easier! !
Hey it is so nice to hear we aren't alone. It reassuring isn't it?
Yea I have tried transferring ... with no luck! lol she wakes up then and there or 5-10 minutes later. I have noticed a slight improvement with the cooler evenings. keep me posted on how your bubba goes.
She waking now must go. smile
Babies are so precious and full of love and smiles, we want to make sure that they are always safe. In order to keep your baby safe and secure while they sleep, here are a few things to keep in mind. I recently read a post of Diamond personnel on the safe places for your baby to sleep and also many steps that can be taken to keep your baby safe. Refer the below link for more info.
You could try calling The Baby Sleep Consultants for a 15 min free consultation. My fingers were worn out from googling sleep solutions last year when my son was 5 months old. I did get the sleep consultant in and had mixed success. Many do offer a soft approach which can be absolutely appropriate for your baby so if you go down that road really push for a no cry solution. I learnt I needed to make sure baby had enough sunlight, had enough dark in his room, had enough food at the right times of day and the right naps and the right times.i got the night sleeps going at 5.5 months but day naps were thirty mins X 2/day, feed to sleep and sleep on me ( for another five months). In order to get the night sleeps I had to work with what I had. My son was commando crawling at 5.5 months and crying if I didn't feed him enough. I wish I had fed him more solids looking back. Plunket said he was a busy boy and his mind wouldn't switch off. This baby would scream hysterically in his cot during the day so I used to sit there in the dark letting him rest. I know you are doing what you need to do!
Try babies magic tea. My baby was the same and wasn't sleeping. After getting this tea two times a night, he started sleeping like a rock. He was having tummy discomfort and this tea soothed him.
What is and where can I get the tea from?
Dear @Kylieschmiley, You need to start sleep training for old one because its to start sleep training with different methods and your baby is now growing day by day so its time, i read the article of sleep training methods here:
This is really helpful methods, 6 methods including cry it out method and PUPD Method
When a baby hits the age of 4 months, his routine suddenly changes and he tries to adapt to the changes. During this sleep change cycle, a baby’s behavior can change to whom we refer to as a sleep regression. But, the question here is: Is there any regression at 4 months of age? If yes, then how to cure this? Well, let’s first study this with logical facts and arguments. I read this article from and they have clear indication for parents and best information about 4 to 6 months old baby sleep schedule and regressions.
You have been a parent for the first time and you feel that parenting is not hard at all. Your baby sleeps through the day and night silently, wakes up to feed only. This cycle keeps going like this. The baby is progressing, but the attitude is all Okay. Suddenly when your baby reaches the age of 4 months, he suddenly starts to cry and oppose the sleep at night. He even won’t sleep at day time. Naps become shorter and shorter. Do you wonder if there any problem with the health of the baby? Due to being non-experienced you keep on visiting doctors. You are worried about the baby’s changing habits. Now here comes your role being a parent.
About 6 months ago I was struggling to get my baby to sleep and after many visits to the doctors sleepless nights countless hours spent on online looking for something to help my child nothing worked.

I called and I spoke to numerous day care centres and child care places to see if anyone knew what could help my child my child.

It was really hurting me watching my baby go through this night after night not being able to sleep feeling helpless and unable to help.

It was by chance one day I was in a chemist picking up some medication and I was speaking to the the to the the lady behind the counter and she told me about a product that her daughter had been using on her grand daughter and she told me me to give her my number and she would message it to me.

That product was a life saver saver saver saver within a few days my child was back to normal and sleeping again again and it was cheaper than everything else I tried.
Here is the product -

I'm sharing this in the hope it also helps someone else one day.
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