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Side sleeping Rss

I'm new to this forum, I'm 31 and my partner is 26, we had our first baby in August (4 months old).
Firstly, I'd like some input about sleep positions and sleep positioners. After the last week of bubby waking constantly, we have today learnt that he sleeps extraordinarily well on his side. He can roll onto his tummy expertly and has been trying to do it for about a week since we introduced a sleeping bag when he started rolling. we keep rolling him onto his back and tightly tucking a sheet in to hold him from doing the roll when settling him and of course he wakes up every time.

Anyway, so now today after learning his preferences in worried about him sleeping this way and has other mums used a sleep positioner to stop rolling all the way forward/back? I've just gone in to check on him and he's rolled forwards onto his tummy with his head to the side. Pretty worried but I also know that he would cry out if he was panicking!!

Sorry if this post is a bit all over the place, I'm doing about 3 hours of sleep a night!

There are lots of side sleepers you can use which are safety tested. They keep bubs in position. I used with my daughter at that age.
Thank you for your reply! smile
I let him sleep however he wanted today, he had 2 naps on his side/tummy of 3.5 hours total which i am really happy with! I watched the monitor and he lifted his head to switch positions once so I don't even think I need the positioners now as he seems happy to adjust to comfort. This first time mum stuff is sometimes very confusing, I find myself seeking a lot of advice lately!
Hey there, my son is nearly 7 months old, I was so worried when he began rolling onto his side/tummy during sleep, that I even bought a Safe-T sleep wrap to stop him from rolling, and they're expensive!! I don't even use it now, I never really did, when they are old enough to roll on thier own and lift thier head up by themselves they are fine to sleep in whatever position they like. My son has been tummy/side sleeping since about 4 months. He sleeps a lot better like this, I think it must be more comfy. I know it's worrying, but he should be fine. I wouldn't bother with sleep positioners, as you'll probly waste your money and won't even use it.

Thank you for the advice, We've been tummy sleeping for the last week now. I didn't use our sleep positioner as he seemed better on his tummy than his side. Currently on night 4 of sleeping through the night!! We are all a lot happier. And he is lifting his head and moving about to change positions himself which is great!
Its connectef with this topic, but not exactly with babies. There a lot reviews of pillows for side sleepers. Is any different in pillow for side and stomach/back sleeper? Examples of pillows:
My 5 & 1/2 month has just started sleeping on her side & tummy. We had Jordan in a wedge on her back but now she is stronger she gets herself out of this & finds a comfortable position to sleep in (like us I guess). Like everyone else I have heard that if baby is able to roll & lift head then the risk of them getting in breathing probs with face in the mattress is less. The first couple of nights my baby did this hubby was checking up on her every couple of hours but is a bit better now.
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