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Is it ok to have 4 wk old having day sleep on my chest? Lock Rss

I have a 4 week old miracle baby and when I dont have visitors I have him sleeping in my arms or on his tummy on my chest during the day and sleeps quite happily in his cot at night. I just dont want to let him go, is this ok to do? He usually sleeps for a couple of hours
I think its ok when they are that young, just put them down from time to time so they learn to sleep in their cot or bassinet also.

Yep do it, enjoy those precious moments with your new baby. I have done this with all 4 of my boys and never had any issues getting them to sleep in other places. My mum would always give me a hard time telling me I was making a rod for my own back but meh I enjoyed the closeness and still do with my 6 month old smile

Same here. There's nothing like a baby sleeping on your chest wub I try to get my two to do it from time to time but they either wiggle around or want their own bed/cot lol

yep I agree with all above ENJOY IT whilst it last coz their not baby's for long
My LO slept on my chest once a day until she was about 6 or 7 weeks old. Sometimes it was the only chance I had to get some extra shut eye. I would wake periodically to check she was ok. I too figured that she was only going to be this little once, so made the most of it and enjoyed having her sleep so close.
Enjoy this time while it's here! my ds2 5months slept the beys when he was on my chest or with me holding him.
He was such a cuddly baby, now he's busy rolling around!
My daughter would only sleep in my arms in the day until she was 11 weeks old! Like some of the other posters here, I just enjoyed it. Sometimes it was annoying because I knew that the washing was piling up and the house was a mess, but I kept reminding myself that in 20 years, I wasn't going to remember how clean or messy my house was, but I would treasure those memories of my baby sleeping in my arms. I didn't want to start bad habits though, so at 11 weeks I started putting her down when she was obviously sleepy and giving her a pacifier, and she started napping in her cot just fine. Now, it's a rarity that she will fall asleep in my arms, and I miss it! So just enjoy it while it lasts...nothing is sweeter than a sleeping baby in your arms!
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