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How to get ds2 to sleep with no dummy? Lock Rss

How do other mummy's get bubs to sleep when they don't take a dummy? DS1 took one and it was as simple as pop it in and put him in the bouncer or in bed and asleep whereas ds2 very difficult! So its a bit of a change..

Its too hot atm to wrap him and rock... He sucks his fingers but only does it when he plays around not when he is tired.

It's probably not what you want to hear, but I ended up feeding my baby to sleep. My first one wouldn't take a dummy, so it's what worked for me. It became a bit of a problem when she was 6 months because she would wake after every sleep cycle, and needed a mum drink to get back to sleep for months.
My second has eventually taken to the dummy. I wish you luck, I know there are many other ways to try, but, this is what we did.
I have never used a dummy with any of my 4, and i wont with my 5th. I have either fed them and they have fallen to sleep, rocked them to sleep, or they have gone to sleep themselves laying in the bassinet.
I have never used a dummy with my 3 either however, putting them in bed when they are tired (not over tired) and letting them cry for a while always works for me. If it get too much listening to them cry go outside for a coffee. In 10 minutes I always had them alseep.
For my first baby I spent ages patting stroking etc him in his cot. He had a special bear for bed time only. I used the same comforting words when leaving each time - like "it's time for sleep - I'll check on you soon". At 6 months it became easier and by 10 months he'd almost put himself to bed! #2 has a special blanket - his choice - and is only allowed to have "blankie" at sleep times. I would comfort as long as I could. It ended up that the routine BEFORE going into the bedroom was really important for #2 - seeing as I couldn't spend as much time with him once we got there. Did the same reassuring words etc. #2 has a really small window between tired enough and too tired! I kept an eye on routine but focussed more on his tired signs. He has always been more difficult to settle than #1 - still is - but we got to a good place at around 5 - 6 months. Neither had a dummy after around 5 months. Neither are thumb suckers, but both used to have a munch on the edge of a blanket or stretchy wrap.

A comfort item and a reasonable routine, at least to guide me as to when the 'sleep window' was likely to be, was the best solutions I could find. All else failing, if one was already asleep I was not adverse to snuggling down for a rest myself with the other bub and just enjoying a snooze together. Can be a trap, but those are the times I look back on and LOVE about having small babies.

Good luck!
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