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Hi All!

I have just read the book Save our Sleep and it was amazing! Everything that my little girl was doing started to make sense!

Just wondering if anyone has read it and if the routines and self settling have worked for you??

Totally agree......This book was a lifesaver smile

I had my 1st bub 7 months ago and we dont have any family near us to help and ask questions. A friend put me onto it.

Im not totally strict with times as some days my DD has a little mind of her own and will wake at 6 - 6.30 no matter how hard i try to keep her down but im happy with that. (she sleeps through the nite so thats the main thing. The days that she choses to sleep longer, im not going to wake her so the 1st bottle of the day changes from 7am till wheneva she wakes but then we stick to the times for the rest.

I have just used the section for weaning into solids and it worked DD loves her food.

Would recommend it to everyone.
I started with Save Our Sleep when bub was 3.5 weeks old and haven't looked back! It has been a real lifesaver and he sleeps really well.

Totally recommend it to anyone interested!
I love it too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not as strict as the routine suggest though. It was a lifesaver as a first time mum.
I read it and thought it sounded great. But it didn't work for me at all.

My midwife wanted me to demand feed my DD because of her size, but the book has timed feeds etc that just didn't work for us. I also tried to settle her and sometimes it took longer that than the recommended sleep time! We would then running behind schedule for the rest of the day.

I just found it to be impractical in terms of when do you do your grocery shopping, do the school run for older kids etc? I just thought that it doesn't allow for you to have a life outside of your baby and it does allow for the indivuality of each baby as well. Not a fan, sorry.

Haven't read it but will keep my eyes open for it
I turned myself into a maniac trying to get my DS onto those routines.
He always went to sleep well, but never stayed asleep. I think it works well for bottle fed babies. My friends with bottle fed babies swear by it. As PP said, didn't work with school run etc, and I think it's actually detrimental to breast feeding.
Having said that, this is what worked for me from it
* the 7pm to 7am sleep with the dream feed (because bub wasn't breast feeding overnight)
* the times for how long she suggests each age group are awake for before they get tired.
Hope that helps.
I got this book when little one was 2 months old and i cried and was a little stressed reading it(i returned it to book shop next day) have in mind i was quite sleep deprived at the time...i can see how this book works but it wasnt for us. i follow a fairly strict routine anyway i just felt that it was TOO strict. i think with these sleep books....i have found that they can all be very conflicting, confusing and to strict with certain issues, also i would opt for books that have been written by a mother herself.
The routines in there are very strict and I find the way that it has worked best for us is to pay attention to bubs needs and rejig the routines where necessary smile
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