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When did you stop wrapping your baby? Lock Rss

Hi, my daughter is 4 months now and I still have to wrap her to sleep otherwise she plays with her hair or scratches her eyes.....I've tried to let her just fall alseep but she's so wide awake when I dont wrap her. Would like to hear what other mums are doing with there
Hi queenb

I stopped wrapping DD as soon as she started rolling. To stop her from scratching use the newborn mittens or her socks on her hands.

I stopped wrapping my DS at about 3months. He was getting his hands out constantly anyway from about 8weeks, so I stuck with it another month, then weaned him onto a sleep sack. He still uses the sleep sack now. I did it really slowly, just unwrapping one hand/arm at a time for 3-5days each, then when both were unwrapped I just had him in a sleep sack with a wrap around his tummy so he still felt cocooned. Then after 3 days of that, the wrap was removed completely & he was all good!
It's a good idea to start unwrapping once they can roll, because it can become really dangerous if they get caught up & tangled in their wrap........

I stopped at 10weeks as he was a hot baby. If scratching is a problem put socks over the hands or a bond suit with the hand covers until she is old enough (won't be too long) and stops the scratching.

Try putting a sheet tightly over her chest as it is a comfort thing. Other people left and arm out when weaning and it worked for them. Unfortunately not for me. Cold turkey took 2 day sleeps.

At 4 months and either rolling or very close you should wean soon as once rolling wrapping is unsafe and then you will have another issue to combat anyway, not used to sleeping on the tummy.
my boy was about 5months when he started breaking out of his wrap, but didn't transition well (e.g with one arm out at a time etc) so we put him into a Peke Moe sleep sack and it worked immediattely for him, till he was about 15/16months and then he was old enough to sleep with a normal blanket smile
all the best!

Reef June 03 & Tyde Feb 07

We stopped with both girls when they could roll onto thier tummies...
We stopped wrapping DS at around 5 months once he started rolling. He loved being wrapped and at first didn't settle well being unwrapped so we would tuck him in with his blanket quite firmly during his day naps and then just started relaxing it.

My DD decided at 3 months to scream everytime she was wrapped and so I followed her cues and stopped doing it. She settles fairly well but I believe she would probably sleep better if she was still being wrapped as she wakes herself by moving her arms around. Might try and wrap her for her day sleep later and see how she reacts.

Mummy to Dylan and Siena

Hi Queenb...

I have a 4 year old daughter and an 11 day old son..I stopped wrapping my daughter when she was about 6 - 7 months old as I found she slept heaps better when wrapped and the movements of her hands and feet didn't wake her up. I slowly progressed her out of it... for the first week or so I let her hands out and went from there...she seemed to be as content as she was when she was wrapped. I think the trick is to slowly get them used to it..not just do it in the one hit..
Hope it all works out and she gets used to it!


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