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My daughter is waking every 45min - 1hr during the night. Lock Rss

My daughter is 6 months old and had been sleeping through the night since she was 5 weeks old and even before that only woke up once a night for a feed. Over the last couple of weeks she has increasingly been waking up screaming in the night. The last three nights in a row it has been every 45min - 1 hr. Sometimes she'll take the dummy and go back to sleep, other times I change her and rock her and sing to her and cover her (incase she is cold) and still end up having to feed her to settle her. I am absolutely exhausted and don't know what else I can do. She's been on solids since 4 months so I'm not sure if that's got anything to do with it. I even tried some panadol before bed last night incase it was teething pain.
Any ideas/suggestions?
Could it be wind? I rang parenting line once with the same kind of issue, they said that if bub was arching backwards (rather than curling up) it could be wind making him scream. Not sure why it would have only recently become a problem for you.
I have a 11 month old boy. He has been waking up to in the night.
Try Brauer Calm Medicines. Before you put your DD to bed try Johnson's baby bedtime lotion.

When my DS wakes up I let him cry after 5 min go in his room.
Since we have started doing this he has been going back to sleep by his self. Yes he does have a dummy.

I hope I have helped. thank you for reading.

Sorry but I would really try & not give her a bottle.
That's what my HCN said to me. Try not to pick her up.

It's hard, and I have been there, done that, got the t-shirt but my new motto is do what you gotta do to get back to bed as quick as you can. If that's feed them then do it, rock, sing...whatever; they do it when they are ready, not always when we'd want them to. I found very quickly that I could feed him each time he woke and be back in bed in under 15 minutes or I could spend hours trying to settle him back and end up having to feed him anyway. There is a growth spurt at around 6 months as well so it could be that.

Is she working on anything developmentally? Apparently this can have a major impact on their sleep patterns. I don't personally advocate CC/CIO and just because they "shouldn't" or have done without night feeds in the past doesn't mean that they can't have them now if that's what you feel works and you are happy to do it.

Rest/sleep in the day when she does if you can; I assume she is still napping. Elizabeth Pantley has a lovely book called the No Cry Sleep Solution that is worth a read and I personally recommend it but it isn't a "quick" fix usually.

DS2 did 3 weeks of 10+ hours at night before stopping again, which was hell on earth, but he did eventually go back to those sorts of hours...just not as soon as we would have liked but he did get there in the end.

You poor thing. What a rough time. I personally agree with James mum. I also do whatever it takes to get my bubby to sleep & if that means feeding him when he "should" be sleeping through then so be it. My DS was sleeping through from about 4.5months, but from 6months on, he has been shocking again. I have gone back to feeding him overnight, cuddling him, anything. He had his 6month growth spurt, then it was seperation anxiety, then teething & he's still not great, so I think he's got more teeth coming. He's now 7.5months. I'm not saying this will go on forever for you, but definately do whatever feels right for you to get some sleep. And if that means feeding, then so be it. Have you thought of co-sleeping while you get through this??

I also don't agree with CC. Babies only form of communication is to cry, no matter what they want. I personally would never ignore the cries of my baby - their needs are just as important as mine & I want him to know from an early age that I will be there no matter what his needs are. Even if it's just a cuddle at 3am for the fourth time that night! It's so exhausting, but I keep telling myself it won't last forever & soon he'll be a teenager & won't be caught dead cuddling his mum!!

I would definately recommend the No Cry Sleep Solution also. It's a beautiful, brilliant book & very easy to read for any sleep deprived mum!! It does help. You are not alone......hang in there & do what feels right for you & your baby. Go with your gut & heart. Good luck smile

I have to agree with the previous 2 posters. You do what you have to do to get them back to sleep asap.

My DS was a great sleeper from 5 weeks until he hit 6 months...He started waking every few hours and whinging all night long. This lasted for about a month. I thought I was going to die from sleep deprevation.

I tried everything...wrapping, unwrapping, pillow, no pillow, feeding, water, dummy, co-sleeping...nothing seemed to work. Then one night he slept for longer than 2 hours! I had to get up n check he was still alive!

Im putting it down to a growth spurt. Usually they only last a wek or 2, but his lasted a month. He went back to having a bottle during the night and I was fine with that cos it ment he was obviously hungry and was waking him up.

He is now 9 months and goes to sleep at around 9ish. Has a bottle at 11-12 if hes stirring or not then he usually wakes once or twice for his dummy then wakes at 6 which I then put him in my bed for an hour and we all get up together at 7am.

This is what works for us atm.

I hope your DD settles back into routine soon for you. You are not alone in the sleep deprived dept.

Mummy to 3 little goblins

for what it's worth, this is absolutely normal behaviour. i had a perfect 12 hour a night sleeper from 2 months until 7 months and then she started waking once a night, for feeding, then twice a night and then it got more and more. i continued to do what was necessary for her despite the sleep deprivation, until it got to a point when it became a problem for her. at nine months she started to display signs of being chronically overtired. so when it was time to fix it, i re-read my copy of "no-cry sleep solution" by elizabeth pantley, and made a plan to gently reestablish her sleep.

that was two weeks ago and the night before we started, she was awake every hour on the hour. each night since then i have seen marked improvement, and last night she only woke once for a feed, resettled herself and went straight back to sleep. this has only taken two weeks, and most importantly there has been no distress to either of us.

some people will tell you not to feed your baby, not to pick up your baby, etc, but there is no need to put them through this distress. there are tried and proven more gentle ways to get your baby to resettle. whats a couple of weeks out of your life when it means protecting your babies mental health as well as improving their sleep? i would recommend getting your hands on this book asap.
try playing soft music during the night. my son wont sleep without it.
i have been having this exact same problem. my little girl is also 6 months old and wakes every hour or so, very unsettled, after previuosly sleeping all night! I have just been feeding her more as she seems very hungry ( shes on solids) and am hoping this wont last too long! Dont worry i am also up rocking and patting her all night long with u ! I have been told this is normal, a growth spurt, teething, or due to her 6 month vaccination 2 weeks ago.. Could be anyhting i guess.. im also open to more suggestions.
I have been having the exact same problem with my 6 month old girl. She previously slept thru all night, now wakes every hour or so, very unsettled. She usually seems to be hungry so i feed her but often is still quite unseltted after this. I have been told its teething, a growth spurt or due to her vaccination 2 weeks ago.. she is also on solids. So i dont know what is going on, but i am up all night rocking and patting and singing there with you! i am open to any other suggestions, and am hoping this stage passes soon!
Hi, I can more than sympathise with you although my son would wake every couple of hours from our very first night home until 5 months when we had a day stay at Ngala. In one day at Ngala, we got rid of his dummy and by our 3rd night he was sleeping through....he is now almost 1 and self-settles every single sleep. What we learnt worked for our son was 'body-rocking' which is rocking his body on his cot matress until he calms, and he also found his thumb when we took away the dummy. He does wake up but manages to put himself back to sleep.
Does your daughter self-settle at the beginning of the night?? I would highly recommend calling Ngala if your daughter's waking becomes too much, hope this helps, wink
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