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Moving house Lock Rss

I'm moving house soon (same city) with my 6 month old. He's been really unsettled whenever we stay at anyone else's place. At home he settles himself most of the time and sleeps pretty well at night. When we go away he wakes up constantly. Anyone else moved house with bub and have any advice for a smooth transition?
We recently moved house with our 4 month old. It took him just under a week to really settle in. Maybe just spend some time in his new room to play and look out the window. My ds loves looking out his window. I've set up the change table near the window so he can look out while I change him.
I think no matter what there will be some adjusting for him.
Get his room completely set up before he see's it, and as much order as you can in the rest of the house, keep his daily routine as normal as possible, and don't stress! If you feel anxious that he'll be unsettled, he'll likely pick up on that and be anxious cos you are and not cause he's in a new house smile Enjoy your new home smile

Due to some shocking behaviour on the part of our landlord (!) we moved a month before I had DD and had to move out again a month after. We moved 7 times by the time DD was 7 months old....

Much as there was lots going on and boxes everywhere, we kept specific toys out, and specific play blankets and things and they just went everywhere with us so there was a sense of continuity. The hardest part was the differing levels of light/noise, but in retrospect was also the best part - DD can sleep in full light and full noise or no light and no noise. Makes it easier!!

I agree with mum2hazel, try not to stress cos they sense that. It isn't as hard as it seems before you do it...once you have done it you'll wonder why you stressed smile Hope it all goes well.
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