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Second On the way! Rss

Hi ladies
I recently found out I was pregnant with baby number 2. Due end of the year/early Jan. I have a very active 1 year old at home and am worried about bending, lifting, letting him jump on me. Incase I would hurt the unborn baby. I don't want to make my son feel unloved how can I keep unborn safe but still gives lots of love and cuddles to my first?
It will be fine - your unborn is well padded and protected and we've all had little ones jumping on us when we're pregnant (maybe not at 8 months!) and it will take months before you can't bend and lift quite so easily. You will see as you go along that it will be easier than you think.
I'm halfway through my second pregnancy and stil let my 4 year old play and cuddle me, but we do sternly warn him that he has to be gentle with mummy. He knows there's a baby in there and gives the tummy lots of gentle cuddles and kisses.. Then goes to jump on and smack Dad in the guts smile With a 1 year old, you just have to be on guard when you're playing and try to avoid any jumps onto your stomach. other than that, he probably cant do much damaged yet. You can show him affection in many many ways.

I'll sometimes still lift my son too but I admit he's getting too heavy for me to lift much now.
Thanks Ladies, I find the second time round more scary than tge first. ( I didn't have a 1 year old to chase the first time).
But women have been doing this for generation's after all haven't they...
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