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Is it selfish to take my 6 month old on long walks in the pram when she's awake? Lock Rss

When my baby was little she'd sleep anywhere, including in the pram and I used to go for an hour long walk in the morning while she napped. It made me fee energised for the day, took car of my exercise needs and she was none the wiser. Now she won't sleep in her pushchair for long and so I really have to walk when she's awake but I worry it is selfish of me and boring for her as I'm sure she'd rather be practising her crawling. What do others think?
No way, the fresh air will do her good and I am sure she is watching her surroundings as you walk, like birds and trees. If she seems happy and is not crying on your walks I say go for it!!

Absolutely not!!!! Getting out is great for you as you say exercise but also just for yourself to get out and about. I'm sure that your DD does not find it boring. All my kids loved being out and about. I also used to go for long walks, but also even being out and about at the shops etc. It give your DD lots to look at. All of my kids loved being out and about in the pram. I think it's wonderful. Good on you.

Not selfish at all. She will love it.

Thanks everyone, I feel better about it now and will try a walk with her tomorrow smile
I used to take my twins walking every afternoon from when they were a couple of months old till they were about 1 in the pram and used to go for about 45 minutes and they always loved it, looking at everything as we walked. At that stage it was the only time I could fit a bit of exercise into my day and it made me feel better.
i agree the fresh air and lots of interesting things to look at won't harm her. you are also teaching her important skills including taking time to exercise, and mummys health is important too. a happy healthy mum results in a happier healthier baby.

Just make sure you are BOTH sun safe,I see so many mums put hats on their kids but forget to wear one themselves.
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