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Breast Feeding mums what's ur cold/flu remedy? Lock Rss

As the other ladies suggested...saline nasal sprays, pain killers, you can also use decongestant nasal sprays for 3 days. Not all antihistamines are safe so I would avoid them. Baby vicks is also fine, gargling with warm salty water, honey and lemon drinks and immune booster tissue salts or vitamins.

Hope you feel better very soon!
rest, nutritious food, vit c, water, echinacea, (real) butter with brown sugar to soothe the throat and if my sinuses are blocked - my special sinus clearing tea.... wink

make this in a small teacup.

whatever herbal or fruit tea you like. I prefer peppermint, lemon or something similar. steep in cup.
add small piece of crushed fresh ginger
1 splash of apple cider vinegar
1 big dollop of honey to taste
and a pinch of cayenne pepper.

soothes the throat, warms the belly and clears your sinuses in seconds. tastes pretty good too - but only have it in small doses. lol

Hope you feel better soon!
Get a steam vaporiser and the Vicks liquid. I've been TTC and recently had a cold and couldn't take anything other than panadol but I got a vaporiser and put it in my room overnight, it was really good for relieving that awful blocked sinus headache you often get with a cold. Apart from that, it's really just about taking it easy, trying to get a good night sleep etc. Can you breastfeed lying down? That was always my saviour when I was so stuffed or unwell with a breastfeeding baby. Hope you feel better soon... no sick days for mummies!

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Vitamin C and steam help. Panadol just for the fever and headache. I imagine something like lemsip might be safe as its main active is just paracetamol

Chicken soup made with the bones, like a real stock with diced carrot, celery, zucchini and a big bunch of chopped parsley. Seasoned with Himalayan crystal salt and cracked pepper. It heals the gut and immune system and drinking hot soup helps clear the sinuses.
Hope you feel better soon

I am kitty wink

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