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Just wondering how everyone one (who needed/wanted to) went about losing excess weight.
I am currently at least 10kg (even 15kg) over my ideal weight & really unhappy & self concious about it, with my first i did Tony Ferguson for 5months and got good results but dont think i could go back to doing it again.
I am looking into joining a gym but my husband doesnt really want me taking the 2 1/2 y.o & 4 month to the gym creche all the time. He gets home at 5.30pm every night & i considered going when he got home but i don't think its fair on him to leave him get the girls bathed & bub settled for bed every night (even tho if the shoe was on the other foot he would have no problem leaving me to do it all the time by myself)
I thought about weight watchers or jenny craig but i really am unsure.
So basically am just wondering how you all went with weight loss and how u managed to fit in exercise.

Nicole, QLD, Tia 20/09/2006 Caitlyn 09/02/2009

Hi there,

I have done weight watchers in the past and swear by it! I found it really helpful in my weight loss. The meetings were great as you can bounce food ideas off of eah other, the support is great.

I am not at WW now but am doing it on my own as I know what to do. I try and take DD for a walk daily, even just around the block - any little bit of exercise helps. Once you get started, it becomes easier and part of your daily routine.

Good luck!

I have gone to weight watchers too (after DD#2 and after last bub). I have just stopped going recently as money got very tight but I'm wanting to start back again soon. I lost 15kgs last time and so far about 12kgs this time (with 5-8kg still to go). I found the meetings in the morning great as I just took my youngest whilst DD#1 was at preschool and it didnt interfere with our evening routine, and I did it without exercise as I didnt ever seem to find the time. Well worth it!

DD#1- 2004, DD#2 -2006, DD#3 -23/10/08.

We have the Wii console and we got the active program. I now do it at 8.30 at night after bub and our 4yr old son have gone to bed! Its late I know but hubby and I do it together and gives me more motivation to do it.
hi there!
i have been doing a pilates dvd at home and it gives me such a great workout, so mayb u could try doing a few dvds from home?
i usually stick bub on the floor with me so she can join in lol i dont usually get to finish the dvd but at least i get about a half hours worth of workout and i am sore the next day!!
even when the kids r in bed u can go into a room by urself (or outside) and do some situps or star jumps? i used to do that before i was preg and i was always fit!
a close friend of mine has been overweight for a long time and she has started doing jenny craig and she has lost at least 10kgs in 2 months and she doesnt exercise that much mayb 2 nights a week she goes to the gym?
i personally think diet is the main thing in weightloss.
Now that its coming into summer, I try and incorporate an afternoon walk into my routine with bub. I get out of the house which makes me feel good, i'm exercising and bub gets to have a look around (or on the rough days he gets rocked to sleep in pram).

Where the diet is just had a baby, your body will never just 'pop' back into shape. WW is expensive and if you're clever about it you can eat healthy (with moderate treats) yourself and lose the weight safely and happily without the added money...

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