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Baby massage Rss

My son is 9 and a half months i was wonderring if any one has ever used moisturiser instead of oil to massage thier bub with, my bub doesnt have dry skin or any think im just thinking of trying it instead of oil
Moisturiser works just as well, but the oils have an added advantage. Especially, essential oils. Some coconut oil mixed with eucalyptus is extremely calming for the baby. Try heating up the oil just a bit, luke warm heat and applying that on. You will notice a sleep pattern. It is very stimulating. And it is good for your skin too. Massaging is actually considered advantageous for the masseuse too, it stimulates your extremities and that has positive effects on your health.
don't use any kind of Moisturizer on your baby skin because mostly available Moisturizers in the market are the complex mixtures of chemicals that are not good for your baby skin. Oil massage is the best for your baby. It's the best way to show your love and care for your newborn. It helps to improve weight gain, keep strong your infant bones and improving circulation. It also helps to relax your newborn and help him to sleep.

you absolutely can use moisteriser there are specific ones just for baby eg:johnson andd johnson sorboline and a large variety of others it will not harm baby as they are made just for baby
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