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Spreading out Immunization? Lock Rss

Hi all... I have been thinking about the 12 month and 18 month immunizations and know that there can be some complications due to all the vaccines given at once.. I have been told that I can spread them out and don't have to have them all done at once.. Has anyone done this or heard of this?? What has your experience been?
As with all immunisations each one of them can come with symptoms like irritability, rashes, temps, localised pain and occasionally allergic reactions. This is a risk with every vaccine you give, so unless you've had reactions with previous vaccines there really is no reason to spread them out. You'd just be putting more needles more regularly into your child. I've never had a bad reaction with either of my kids despite a long family history of multiple and severe allergies so I'm thankful for that.

In your case if you have no evidence of having a reaction in the past I'd say its best to get them over and done with all at once.

My dd had rotavirus a couple weeks back, never in my life have I been so damn thankful that my baby had his immunisation for this on time.

We were originally going to space/delay them. Our schedule in NZ is slightly different, in that they only have jabs at 15 months and 4 years, because we don't routinely vaccinate for chickenpox. At 15 months they are due for MMR, Hib and Pneumococcal if they were eligible.

Our DS2 has not had his 15 month or 4 year jabs and he's recently turned 5. We've not had serious reactions in the past, and that wasn't the reason that we have delayed them.

I know parents who have picked and chosen which diseases they are most concerned about and gotten those done. I know parents who have done, for example, MMR at one visit and then done Hib at a later time. If you are talking about separating out the vaccines; so for example wanting measles on it's own and/or Rubella on its own and/or Mumps on it's own, you can't get single vaccines. I know they have been available in Europe in the past though.

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