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Which car seat is the best??? Lock Rss

I want to buy a car seat for my 5 months old, up till now she was using a capsule. Any suggestions on which car seat is the best ????

Hi, we have the Safe n Sound Meridian - it has come highly recommended from a few people we know and from all the research i did!!! It is a bit on the expensive side but it will last you YEARS! if you search it on Google, you can read about the features etc.
Hope that helps!
Both cars seats we have are saft & sound. They are the best seats we found & love the fact that both my boys enjoy sitting in them. They are so easy to keep clean.

We went a shop & got our oldest to sit in his to make sure it right. The lady said it good to bring the child in so you know for sure you're buying the right one.

You can look up their website.

We have a Mother's Choice but haven't used it yet LOL. Should probably get it fitted now I think about it roll eyes
We use the safe and sound meridian. Was the most expensive but looked the safest and most comfy. For me, DD's car safety is worth spending top dollar on....very happy with this seat smile
We have the Safe and Sound Guardian - less bells and whistles then the Meridian and therefore cheaper but still as safe. It goes up to 12 kg rear facing and then up to 18kg forward facing. We have had no issue with it and its on to its second child.

A lot of people recommend this one:

Diono - Radian RXT Convertible Car Seat

As its rear facing for a lot longer (up to 20 kg) and can be used all the way up to 36kg with the five point harness and then as a booster seat to 54kg. In other words its the only car seat you will ever need. But I have no personal experience with it.
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