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TT, wrapping, and dummies Rss

Ok, I have a few things I am about to start working on with the boys..

DS1 (almost 2 1/2) needs to start TT, he is pretty much ready, its just me that is hesitant as I really dont want the extra mess and washing, but it has to be done and I have set the date of October first as D-day (or TT-day smile )

With DS2 (6 months now) I want to get him firstly sleeping without the foam wedge under him (to elevate when he had reflux), then work on getting him to sleep unwrapped, then I want to get him to lose the dummy.

I am moving him out of the bedroom he shares with DS1 as I anticipate a lot of wake ups, but they are going to need to get back into the same room again in about 2 months.

Does anyone have any hints, tips, ideas, stories on successful or unsuccessful ways to achieve all these goals?
Good luck!! What a mission. With the TT I would suggest getting him to sit on the toilet at regular times once, then twice a day (say before bath then before getting dressed). Just to get him used to being there with no pressure to perform. Mine loved the sticker charts - we'd do 10 stickers to a special treat - like a bus ride or a train ride etc.
When you do 'go for it' (Oct 1st) I'd aim to spend 4-5 days at home with nothing particular to do. If it's warm enough get him to just wear undies to save on washing and expect some puddles! Take him to the toilet every couple of hours, if he doesn't do anything (which he probably won't) take him back every 10 minutes till he does (probably on the floor!). With mine for 2 days it felt like we were getting nowhere and then day 3 had some positive signs and on day 4 it all came together and really wan't that tough. Oh also the advice that we got was if you are getting nowhere and it's stressing you stop pop him back in nappies and try again in 6 weeks. All of my friends and I had more than 1 go at it and the second time it just went SO much smoother.
With the tt I really don't believe you get to just pick a date to begin. Your ds will let you know when he's ready to use the toilet smile I have three boys, have not done anything different with them and they've all started at different times - DS1 was 2.3years, DS2 was a few days before his 3rd birthday and DS3 is 3.3years and is still more in nappies than not. I wouldn't recommend putting him on the toilet at set times either. Out of all my friends who've tt'd their kids over the years only one has used this method and now at age 7 this child is the only one still having problems - I really believe it's because he was always told when to go and never actually learnt what the urge to wee felt like.
With the sleeping wedge can you cut it down or replace it with something smaller (like a rolled up blanket)? I would try to reduce the size every other night until he's sleeping without it. With the wrapping, I never needed to "wean" my kids off this because I loved that was their sleep association - I'd just wrap them and like magic they'd be sleepy! Anyway, if I were to do it, I think you'd just gradually make the wrap slightly looser each night and then wrap with one arm free before leaving the wrap off altogether. Good luck with it all smile
thanks smile

Good advice all around smile

RubyGloom - the reason that I am weaning him off the wrap is that I dont feel comfortable now he is rolling really well all the time having his arms pinned. If he rolls in the cot when he wakes he wont be able to get back again without the use of his arms.

It was soooo much easier with DS1, he stopped the dummy by 4 months, and started getting his arms out and sleeping that way really well by 6 months! He just did it all himself! I am swapping the wrap and dummy with music and a stricter bedtime routine as sleep associations, so hopefully it all works out!
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