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My nearly 8mth old baby almost every night wets through his nappy> Have tried wide variety of nappies but still this is happening. Most nights at 4am i have to change him and he is not liking this, also being wet is waking him at night. Does anyone have any suggestions that may help?
May be try the next size up nappy just for night time and current size for day time?? DS wets through occasionally, but not regularly

I had the same problem with mu son when he was younger and i found the thing that worked best for us was using girls nappies... Sounds odd but they seemed to soak the wee better and stopped him waking up wet

I haven't had this problem but my friend did. She solved it by using a disposable nappy with a cloth nappy over the top. Hope you find something that works soon. Gotta hate extra washing.

We always put the size bigger on our girl for night time and she also slept in boys nappies as she is a tummy sleeper I found them better than girls nappies!!
A few things come to mind first up...
Wool covers need to be lanolised to be water proof. They also need to fit correctly so no gaps holes or loose area where they can allow leakage.
The bbh appies need to be washed about 10 times to allow the bamboo to reach max absorbancy. So depending o. How old you nappies are they may not yet be attheir full absorbancy. If the nappies are well used or are second hand they may need to be strip washed. This will remove any detergent and dirt build up in the fabric fibres and increase their absorbancy. You can do this by washing on HOT and using a few drops of dishwashing liquid and a few drops of lavender or tea tree oil.
We had this problem for a while too. Found the best thing was to put him in Huggies and line the nappy with a sanitary pad. Gives them extra protection.
We found when that happened DS needed the next up in size nappy. Problem literally solved overnight.
I used a good fitting pilcher pant and training pants. This helped alot
Agree with other posters. What worked with DS1 was a nappy (alas, has to be huggies at night, no compromise possible) a size bigger than he was plus a flannelette pilcher - they make them huge (kind of like the old style cloth nappies used to) but works. I don't like the plastic pilchers, them make them sweat - gross. Also, may sound obvious (apologies in advance) but if your baby is a boy make sure the willy is pointing down, not up or sideways as I find I have more leakage issues when I forget to 'position' the boy bits smile I would also pull their singlet over the pilcher and tuck the jarmie top into the pants so if there was a bit of leakage there were a few layers to absorb it.

Good luck.

i've been having the exact same problem.
Will be going out to get the next size up huggies today to see if it solves our wee problem.
Poor little guy is waking up soaked at about 4:00am when he had his last dry nappy at 9:30pm
Because my boy is so big, I have to use Aldi nappies at night because they are a bigger fit, he is a tummy sleeper so I make sure there is extra nappy above the velcro (ie. velcro done up under the normal velcro line) to absorb extra that would leak over the top of the waistband.
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