After reading number of books, posts on the pros and cons of vaccinating my bubba...I decided vaccination is a definite must. What I don't agree with is though, the number of vaccines (precisely ???? given all in one go at 2, 4, & 6 months. Even a friend of mine with a degree in industrial chemistry and worked in quality control department of a major drug company agree with me and said she would space out the vaccines given and note down any adversed (if any occurs) after a vaccine has been administered. Problem with given all 8 in one go is, you would have no idea which vaccine is causing a reaction.

I've spoken to my family GP and he became very defensive and argumentative when I suggested spacing out the vaccines. Most GPs that would agree to spacing out the vaccines are holistic or integrative health ones who charges an arm and a leg. I would like to find one that is willing to do that on the Perth (Western Australia) who are reasonably priced. Just wondering if anyone out there know anyone??