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No poo for 6 days Rss

Hi all,
My 1 month old baby is exclusively Breastfed and hasnt pooed for 7 days tommorow! I have tried everything to get her to go: bicycle legs pushing legs towards tummy brown sugar and water tummy massage warm baths and a qtip with vaseline up bottom. My midwife said they dont intervene till after 10 days. She has lots of wer nappies and farting lots but still no poos .
Feeling a bit helpless ????
Dont fret, this is actually quite normal for some breastfed babies. Be prepared cause when it comes it will blow your mind.
Agree with the previous poster. Don't worry about it. It's completely normal which is why the midwives/child health nurses don't care. As long as they're not constipated (meaning hard pellets of poo like rabbits poo) it doesn't matter if they don't poo often. Good luck with the explosion that's on its way!
Very normal,you don't have to worry.
Yes, totally normal. My Bub would only poop once a week until he was around 8 months old. He went 10 days without popping once
Yes its normal for babies mostly under a year to have such gaps
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