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Cradle Cap? Rss

I am just wondering if anyone has some tips on treating cradle cap? My 8 week old bub seems to have developed it over his eyebrows... is this common...? I lt was suggested I used baby oil but im not sure!!
Any advice is appreciated.
I used olive oil and it worked great smile
Baby oil, coconut oil or olive oil. They all work.

Just massage it in after a bath when they are clean and dry, then use a soft baby brush to brush out any flakey bits smile Just keep doing that until it goes away. If it starts to scab, bleed or smell maybe get it looked at but I doubt it would get that bad if you are treating it.
My son had the worse craddle cap (literally covering the whole top of his head), I tried olive oil & baby oil but neither worked. The midwife recommended Egozite, which i got from the chemist and within a couple of days i saw a dramatic improvement!
Moisturise every day. Use coconut oil as a soap. It works incredibly. Also gently comb out what you can as often as you can. And keep moisturising.

I used Bio Oil (every now and again) AND Burts Bees Baby Oil when i noticed my LOs head (and body) showing signs of dryness. BUT i also bathe him in Coconut Oil every night. it doesnt just help their head but their skin all over. Id recommend oils over creams anyday. Just keep combing out what you can and keep moisturising to get the moisture back into the skin. I cant speak for everyone but i know that worked for me. Nipped cradle cap in the bud quick sticks
I used to brush my daughter scalp every day with the soft baby brush to prevent it and it worked a treat.
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