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  5. Anyone used Incremin "giraffe medicine" to increase their kids appetite?

Anyone used Incremin "giraffe medicine" to increase their kids appetite? Lock Rss

As the title says just wondered if anyone has used it for that and noticed any difference? I only heard about it the other day when I went to get my ring all polished up again the jeweller told me about it and that he'd used it with one of his kids and said it made a huge difference to his appetite.
Paed told me yest she thinks 17 mth dd needs a feeding tube to get extra cals in to get her to grow which I'm so NOT on board with, seems way OTT so have been exploring other avenues!
My sister had to use it a couple of times for two of her kids and it definitely worked. You may as well try it before a feeding tube
My ds1 is taking Incremin as he was anaemic from being a fussy little eater & it certainly increases the appetite & his iron levels were back to normal within 6 months. He's still a fussy eater so I've got him back on it & have noticed his appetite has increased therefor not as fussy with his food. smile

I was given Incremin when I was little, I'm now 39. I also have given Incremin to dd1 when she was young as she had a terrible appetite. I found that it did help and at least I knew she was getting vitamins.
I would give it a try. It's been around for so long. Good luck.

Wish I'd heard of it ages ago or that the dr/dietician had mentioned it! I suspect she is a bit anaenmic, the blood test will tell us that, but in the meantime I'm off to the pharmacy this morning to get some.
I'm now super excited that this could be the "fix" we need to get her eating more to grow! Time will tell smile Thanks ladies, sounds like it helped a lot in your situations smile
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