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hypospadias (of the penis) Rss

Not even how to title this properly lol

Hi there, our son was born with this problem and im just wondering who has been through it and what does surgery involve and what it was like for bub?
He is only 4weeks old so surgery wont be for along time but ive been abit worried about it the last few days, obviously you dont want your bub to be in pain!
any info would be fantastic x
I dont really have any info for you, but my eldest nephew had it and he had surgery when he was 18 months old to fix it. He was wrapped with his stay in hospital and thought he was a little prince with all the attention he was getting. His recovery was really quick and from what I can remember his pain and 'suffering' was minimal post surgery. I never noticed that it bothered him prior to surgery either smile Hope that helps reassure you a little..

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hi, my 3 year ols son was born with a hypospadias. His was also mild with a open foreskin and his urethral opening a little small.
he had surgery at 12 months... it was sad seeing him go into that hospital room. I seriously cant beleive how anyone could circumsise for no reason!!!!
But he recovered well, and it was funnily only today that i explained to him why he doesnt have a foreskin....(it went over his head though lol)
If you have any questions feel free to ask smile

Jess, mum of 3

Hey girls thanks so much for your replies!!
We have had a letter from the hospital saying he has been referred to paedeatric surgeons but no idea when we will see anyone, i suppose as long as he is still peeing its all good lol.
Jess, thanks for your reply hun, how long was his hospital stay? is it hard to look after his little penis afterwards?
3littlemen, i hope they tell you what they plan on doing soon!! I am looking forward to finding out how 'bad' our ds's is, i havent seen another hypospadius penis before so i cant compare it lol

thanks again so much for your replies xx
The peadiatric surgeon will tell you how 'bad' his case is. and will explain things to you. hopefully you can get in to see him soon. the one i saw in sydney was excellent but it took awhile to get in to see him.
they usually dont operate until 12 months for a few reasons. unlike normal circumsision they put the child under full anesthetic and also so there is more penis t deal with lol...
with my son it was only day surgery. He had to fast the night before then go to the hospital first thing in the morning. we left in the evening. Depending on what the surgeon has to do will make a difference as to how long youll stay in.
when i found out my son had it i googled pictures..... dont do that lol!!! it came up with adult ones... ewww
my sons case was mild. his opening was only a teeny tiny bit low and his foreskin was like a flap of skin that didnt close at the bottom he also had a small kink in the shaft. His penis now looks like a normal circumsised penis. it is straight and only a small amount of scaring.
Taking care of it was quite easy after surgery. i had to apply ointment to it and put vaseline on his nappy to stop it from sticking. i must admit it looked very scary, swollen and painful... but i just gave him panadol for a few days and he seemed to be quite seetled... after it heeled i could tell that it was fine. you will have to take him a few weeks after its done to see how it is.
Callums peaditric surgeon was named dr guy henry, if you google his name he has a website with some good info on hypospadius.
Good luck, jess smile

Jess, mum of 3

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