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Spewy 8mth old Lock Rss

HI everyone,

My 8mth old baby boy drinks 4 x 180mL bottles a day. (Brekkie, Morningtea, Afternoon tea and Bedtime)

He is on Nan HA gold Step 1 and has been since 1mth of age. Never has he been a spewy bub, but in the last fortnight he is bringing up his milk all of the time after a feed, and not just a little bit! Chucking up doesn't concern him, he acutally enjoys crawling through it (little bugger!) I was watching him carefully yesterday and my husband and I think he is burping to make himself purge - how crazy is that, but it certainly looks like he is making himself chuck up!?!?

What can be the cause??????? Should I change formula?

He has eczema, so I have been using Nan HA Gold to help with his eczema. What other formula is good for eczema bubs?

could it be a cows milk allergy? maybe see a GP smile
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