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9 Month Old Vomiting!! Lock Rss

Hi my DS is 9 months old and started vomiting at 2pm this afternoon. He has vomited about 12 times in the past 5 hours and is now just bringing up bile. I have tried giving him the liquid from the pharmacy to help keep him hydrated and he vomited it back up and id only given him a ml.

He's asleep now and i'm just unsure what to give him to eat/drink when he wakes whether that be in the morning or during the night if he wakes. Should I stay away from his formula and give him a dry biscuit or what?

I would love to hear some of your thoughts and i really am not sure.

Thanks heaps

Don't panic. Ring your local hospital. Get their advice.

Sounds like a bug of some description.

If it was me, I'd ring the hospital.

All the best.
Will do that, thanks heaps..
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