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Lactose & Gluten Intolerance Lock Rss

Not sure where to post this but hoping someone may be able to help me here.

When our daughter (now 15mths) was little we had lots of tummy issues with her (bloating, refusing bottle, very runny poo, etc) our dr said she had reflux and put her on zoton which appeared to help. However it wasn't until I saw a CHN who asked what her poo was like, saying it should be of playdoh texture, particularly as she had been bottlefed from day 1, that got me thinking, she had never had a solid (even semi solid poo) and as I researched it on the net, I came across lactose intolerance, and she was showing ALL the symptoms provided. Straight away we put her onto LF formula and cut her off dairy unless LF and saw a huge difference in her behaviour (not as much screaming, no bloating, etc) and we have continued this ever since she was 8mths old.

I am now still a little concerned as we still have never had a playdoh texture poo, always sloppy (sorry TMI) so more research on the net has turned me onto checking out Gluten Intolerance also. Our dr hasn't really said much in the past when I have mentioned to him about lactose intolerance, and i havent talked to him as yet about the gluten thing.
I was just wondering if anyone else has had similar issues and if putting their child onto lactose free & gluten free diets has made a difference. Any input would be appreciated.


true li is not verry common but if she is still not having normal poops i would be looking into milk protine it presents its self just like li have you tried soy formulas? my dd's are cows milk and soy protine intolerant and my eldest dd has li and both are wheat/gluten intolerant its tricky to figuer it all out i would ask your dr to trial her on something like pepti jr or neocate

my 3 babies ds4 dd1-3 and dd2-1

Check out - they have just launched a forum dedicated to gluten-free parenting and great though this forum is, as gluten bee is dedicated to gluten-free living, it might be a place to get more specific advice on these issues.
Gluten intolerance/coeliac most common then not goes hand in hand with lactose intolerance if your Bub is coeliac she can have a blood test which should let you know but if it's an intolerance it's unfortunately trial and error and hopefully she can grow out of it
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