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my DS is 8mths and for as long as I can remember his head sweats. whether he is rugged up, in a shorts & T Shirt, at night. His hair is drenched with sweat and his sheets have a wet patch when i pick him up at night.

Is this normal? Do other peoples baby's head sweat???
my little boy finn is the same.... mostly on one side. He was delievered by forceps and i had wondered if they had damaged some sweat glands , he seems happy enough but sweats when feeding , cuddled or under a blanket. I dont know if it is normal , he's four months.In summer it was quite bad , id get drenched .
My DS1 was a huge head sweater, he still is now and he needs to wash his hair every night (7 years old now) or else he gets really pongy. I assumed it was because he had a lot of hair as a bub, and let's be honest he was a big porky baby too! I still laugh at his baby photos, big chubby moon face with wet sweaty hair! But I just assumed it was normal, I never really thought about it. Sorry that probably doesn't help at all! If you're concerned, ask your CHN next time you see her but I think some kids just seem to feel the heat in their heads much more, my DH is still like that now.
Apparently the head is the place that babies lose their heat. If they get too hot they sweat it out through their head. My son who is now 4, used to get it all the time and he would also get a cold and clammy face. The docs said it was all normal. So don't stress over it.
Hello there
Me two my little man is a sweater as well. My baby is of normal proportion (in my eyes)but sweats like crazy. I reckon thats normal.


My 9 month old DD has always been a sweatball. She's geting better as the weather gets cooler, but if it's much over 25C out comes the sweat! We wash her hair every night for that reason. Kind of hoping she'll grow out of it eventually, but from everything I've read, it's perfectly normal for babies to sweat a lot.

My 1st boy who is almost 3 has always been a big sweater, but not just his head. Especially during his day sleeps he will wake completely soaked. His back, arms etc, and his his head, well you would think he just got out of the shower it is so wet.
Even just playing he works up a sweat. I also have a 12wk old and I have noticed he too is a sweater.
I think it is just something they inheritated off my father who is also a big sweater..

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