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Rash from Baby Oil Lock Rss


my dd has developed a mild rash all over her body, i am certain it is from jj baby oil.

Just wondering if anyone has also experienced this rash with their dd/ds.

Im also wondering how to look after rashes. They are white dots.

My DDs get rashes from anything perfumed and anything that's not soap free. My sister gave me some organic baby wash that is apparently soap free but has orchid & lillies and my 8 week old came out in loads of pimples and rash so I stopped using it and went back to Curash shampoo and J&J body wash.

Since I heard the baby oil is poisonous and there's nothing Drs can do to treat you if you do ingest it we got rid of the bottle we had.. no need for the stuff, use sorbolene as a moisturiser.

As for looking after the rash, if you stop using the oil it should clear up by itself - putting other things on it will probably only make it worse.
my DD developed a rash at about 6 months that started with dry white dots then went red. I knew immediately it was a type of eczema and went searching for info...that info came from Baby Love which advised that the baby oil is the culprit and to clear it up use sorbolene with 10% glycerine. J&J make a sorbolene with 10% glycerine in it and it cleared up the rash in about 4 days. I still use it and my DD has never had another bout of eczema since.


Most commercial baby products are full of nasties and are the cause of many ongoing skin problems. If you are after a massage oil you could go for a cold pressed organic oil like olive, almond or avocado oil.

All the best!
Yes my DD always gvets rashes from any JJ products like the baby shampoo, oils etc. so i only use sorbelene/10% glycerine as a massage (mix with a little water), as a soap/shampoo, and as a moisturiser. its the BEST, so mild!
Most CHN I know will tell you not to use baby oil. Olive oil or almond oil is better. Use it for craddle cap/massaging the list goes on. Better for the body and less greasy!!!

baby oil is bad, I never use it. The perfumes in it are bad for babies skin. JJ products a terrible, I'm suprised they are still on the market and recommended to most people. They have dyes and perfumes in them that are not good. The best thing you can do it buy natural products, yeah they cost more but you'll notice the difference. I'm always getting comments on how lovely my babies skin is.

Also I have seen people say to use sorbolene, that's bad too it a petrolchemical, dangerous! Aloe or emergency essence cream are excellent for all kinds of rashes and they are natural. Also I have heard paw paw ointment is good too, I haven't tried it though.
[Edited on 09/03/2009]
You can get sorbolene (apparently the original sorbolene) that is vegetable based. I found it at a health food shop, but I haven't tried it yet....
Really, cool that's good to know.
we used jj baby oil once... never again! you would be suprised at what they actually put into it i dont know how they get away with it.
we used alpha kerry oil which was good then we tried hamilton oil which id highly recommend. our lil one gets mild ezcema since using hamilton oil he has not had a breakout.
I must have a tough ass as in all my many diapered years I've never used oils, ointments or powders and despite many hours with #2 & overnights in wet diapers rash has never been an issue.

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A rash is eruptions of red spots or patches on the skin and is a sign of an underlying problem caused by reactions to substances, allergies or infections. Knowing the different types of rash and treatment is important to help alleviate your baby's discomfort.
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