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Teething.. Lock Rss

Hi All,

My little man is 20wks today and has just cut his first tooth. YAY!!

Does anyone have any tips on teething? Iv been giving him panadol and bongela, but he is still really cranky...

Any help would be great!


try a cold teething ring. ive also heard that the braurer natural medicines has a teething relief liquid that works really well. You can also try massaging his gums with your finger or wrapped in a wet face washer. good luck with it i know its frustrating coz my little man is teething too
Wow .. my little girl cut both front bottom teeth together, was very exciting when i could feel them but now their are so sharp.

I had an advantage when it came to Scarlett teething as ive been cutting my wisdoms through (currently have 3 through just waiting for the last one). I love sm 33 gel has a horrible taste but workes better than bonjela becuase theres a numbing agent where as bonjela only eases the pain. Safe for infants too, found in most chemist.

Also have you thought about a teething gummy dummy great for appling teething gel.

Good luck and hope your little man doesnt have to much troubles getting them through smile

Scarlett 4 - Hazellyn 1 - Blake born 29.07.09

Hi everyone, my 81/2 month old son Angus is getting his two top teeth now and seems crankier this time than when he got the two bottom ones. I haven't tried this yet myself, but a friends paediatrician suggested wrapping a cold slice of apple in a hanky or thin cloth for them to chew on. Just tie a knot around the end of the cloth so they don't choke on the apple. Hope this helps smile


cold flannels to cool his face
teething rings in the fridge (not freezer)
cold bottle of boiled water. ( this helps acts like an anesthetic and numbs the area for approx 20mins) works a treat
anything he can chew on to relieve the pain and sometimes you finger will do the job ! haha
umm bonjella is great.
they do however reccommend not to give panadol too much while teething...i find panadol upsets my lil ones tummy so go easy on it yeh.
goodluck and hang in there. i know teething can be hard. for both you n bub.

Danni, WA,

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