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squinting blinking 8 month old Rss

Over the past week or so my DD has had the flue and a little bout of gastro (she was sick only once and only one runny poo).
She seems to be fine today, but she has been blinking and squinting, I thought it was because she had a headace but she has continued to do it.

Is this just a normal thing that all babies go thru?

Has anyone else noticed there 8 month old doing the same thing?

Thanx in advance.

No replies yet? Really want to know if anyone has had this... Please?
hey nat, how are you going?? Riley is 11 months now and in the past week has been blinking heaps! but he does it as a game, he does it then i have to do it then he does it etc etc haha!! so his is just something he has learnt! so maybe maddie has just learnt it and thats why she keeps doing it??? Luv jodiexx

Hi Nat it's me smile Kai is doing the same thing, I think it might be a stage. He is also putting his head to the side a lot and started shrugging his shoulders while he's eating. The Dr said he is probably just beginning to notice that his body can do these things and I do it back to him so he prolly thinks its a game wink See you soon!

Hi smile
Kelli, love the picture of Kai, its great!

Jodie, how have you been?

Its good to know that she isn't going blind or anything thanks ladies.
Hi Nat - just had to reply to your post, as a few weeks ago I posted exactly the same thing - my subject was "baby squinting or flinching". He blinks a long blink like it's a flinch or something - even though nothing is coming towards him to make him flinch! But also, thought it was interesting to point out that my DS is also 8 months, and my name is also Nat. I just had to laugh (at the coincidence)when I saw all this.

Hi sorry Nat smile
I haven't been here in ages, its great to hear from you. How are your boys eyes now? My DD is now 11 months and has stopped blinking all the time! Its funny how quickly they change, isn't it? Anyways great to hear from you, hope to see you around smile
My DS who is now 5 months has been doing this for the past couple of weeks and I sorta figured it was a stage, so wonder how long it will last?

Are your babies still doing the blinking and flinching?? My baby is doing that and it worries me. Did you get answers?
My 9 month old just started doing this too. I realize this post is from a while ago but can't find any other info on it. Did you find any answers or did they eventually stop doing it?
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