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Kid's Health and First Aid Lock

Here are some quick links to our articles on; Kid's First Aid Child Safety Emergency Contacts (A...

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Thanks for sharing such a beautiful input.


Your Dental Care Tips Lock

Hi to all the Huggies Mums Brushing your baby's teeth can sometimes be a little trying. Do you ...

45 replies

I and my 8 months oil baby both brush our teeth together she tries to copy me and thus practicing brushing.


Circumcision Lock

my friends partner is circumcised and insists that their new born baby will get cut to match him....

1 reply

You personally can't do anything. Normally, I don't encourage anyone to get in someone else's business like that, it&...


Corona Virus and Birth Lock

So as your all aware this Corona virus is getting a bit out of hand and stress levels are high fo...

1 reply

It is very bad situation that You are facing from CORONA VIRUS and I am feeling your fear. But You think a positive which good weapo...


My 6 month old has HEAD LICE!!! Lock

Help! My 6 month old daughter was born with a beautiful crop of dark hair, and I have just notice...

3 replies

Another option I found helped was tea tree oil diluted with water. We had the same problem. My 12 yr old kept coming home from schoo...


Can't stop stressing Lock

Hi so I'm 17 and I've only recently found out I'm expecting. I'm still waitin...

4 replies

I thought I could never understand how this works but your explanation is so plain that I understood the concept as clear as day! Go...


Close friend's children not vaccinated Lock

One of my very close friend's 5 children aren't vaccinated, nor is she. I'm curren...

1 reply

Hi, I don't know much on the subject but what I do know is that it is highly dangerous to have your child around your friend an...


Reflux Babies Lock

Hi, DS is 5 and 1/2 months and had just been diagnosed. He is my fourth baby and all of my babie...

11 replies

Haggis and all normal symbols are ensured for the surfaces for the town. The acute movement of the


Kidney Reflux Lock

Hi Guys, My little boy was diagnosed with kidney reflux at 8 weeks old and have found out its a ...

9 replies

Kidney has some reflux among the arts this was good to take partition overall data this has to take some toddler on it. I need to ma...


Mommy help! Lock

Mommy help! I have a child a month, he is awake from sleep to sleep a lot of time! And all the cr...

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Wheezy 9 month old Lock

Hi everyone. My 9month has an upper respiratory viral infection and has developed a wheeze. We w...

3 replies

I hope the baby is better. As mentioned in a previous post saline drops and a humidifier go a long way to help loosen t...

mum to b1&b2


Does anyone know if taking babies to swimming lessons causes ear nose and throat infections? Our ...

5 replies

Yes, as ear drums are too weak for babies too much time in water can sometimes causes infection. hotmail login


Is honey ok Lock

Hi everyone Just wanting to know if feeding my 3 month old honey water is ok as he got the flu ...

15 replies

Hey, does anybody else know sites like Pinterest? I found recently one called exploremenow and I wonder if anybody else is using it ...


Sterilising bottles? Lock

Hmm I was just reading in the new practical parenting magazine that sterilising is not necessary ...

14 replies

Interesting topic, my eldest is almost 13, my second eldest is 2 in Feb and I have a 3 month old. With my first we microwave sterili...


Are Plastic toys harmless for kids? Lock

Hey everyone, I'm a mother of 3 years old baby, and i heard that educational toys are the be...

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Newborn baby essentials Lock

Find out some of the essentials for looking after your newborn. Find out when your baby will need...

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Helmet therapy plagiocephaly Lock

Hi everyone My 8 month old daughter has just started helmet therapy for plagiocephaly. It’s only ...

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Repeat ear infections Lock

Hi everyone Just wondering what the thoughts are on this, as it is breaking my heart. My 9 month...

9 replies

The doctor makes a better help in this. Regularly clean the ear.


Constipation Lock

My 5.5 motnh old son is badly constipated....Poor bub! He is on solids (farex, apple, pear and a ...

6 replies

Huggies we all know that one of the best brands dealing with the products of the newborn and children of little age. You can check h...


Rash/Eczema/Allergy HELP PLESE! Lock

Hi, Over the last week and a bit my 7 week old has developed what appears to be eczema, it star...

13 replies

I guess, the best way is to consult a doctor, but this information can help you as well -


Do babies need nappy-free time? Lock

I came across this in another post. My 3month DD only goes without a nappy for her bath and even...

12 replies

My 26 yr old aut. Bro loved it he is currently on my bed watching barny without anything on.


Smoking HELP!!! Lock

Hello, i'm just writing as i have been smoking all of my pregnancy and i'm now 29 weeks...

1 reply

Hi, I smoked all through my pregnancy (20-25 a day) and have just had a healthy baby boy. I did quit the day he was born as was in ...


Dairy intolerance Lactose intolerance ? Aptamil Allerpro Lock

My baby has been having tummy issues since 8weeks old (now 14weeks) We ended up in hospital for ...

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The baby Overnight Diapers information 2019 Lock

Again, you can leave a wet diaper alone during the night, waiting until morning to change it — un...

1 reply

Thanks for sharing this information. It is helpful for my baby.


Nappy Rash where Skin is slighty cut and smudges of blood Lock

Can anyone suggest the best nappy rash cream/ointment to use for my 8 months old daughter. I hav...

13 replies

Apply baby powder and After remove nappy wash with warm water and clean and then apply baby oil.


Nappy Rash Lock

Hi everyone, My little bub is 9 weeks and has an awful nappy rash. Its turned kind of blistery (...

18 replies

Apply baby powder before wear nappy.


Cleaning Toys Soft and Hard?! Lock

I'm in need of finding a really good disinfectant that is safe to use on my boys toys becaus...

5 replies

You can clean toys with wipes and washable toys wash with dettol. Some toys are not washable because of battery operated.


Eczema and washing powder/liquid Lock

Hi all, My son suffers from eczema and allergies (quite severely when exposed to allergens). I w...

13 replies

Use detergent which recommend by a doctor. You should may consultant with your doctor.


The baby Overnight Diapers information 2019 Lock

Again, you can leave a wet diaper alone during the night, waiting until morning to change it — un...

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Rash from Baby Oil Lock

Hi, my dd has developed a mild rash all over her body, i am certain it is from jj baby oil. Ju...

11 replies

A rash is eruptions of red spots or patches on the skin and is a sign of an underlying problem caused by reactions to substances, al...



Hello all!!!! My DD is 5 months old & has had a nasty red, dry rash on her cheeks & forehead fo...

17 replies

My 3-month-old had a really red/dry/flakey patch on her cheek and we started using the foderma serum which helped a ton and then we ...