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When can i take baby to the pool Rss

My baby is 5 months old and he loves having a bath. Sometimes i get in with him and it's almost as though he wants to take off in the water, maybe it's because i had a water birth, thats why he loves the water so much...anyway i want to take him swimming, to a heated indoor pool, but i was unsure of what age is safe to take them because of the chemicals in the water. Can anyone tell me if it's ok to take him now or should i wait till he's older.
im no expert but my babies the same age and i have been taking him since he was 3 weeks old. he absolutely loves it and the toddlers pool at the indoor centre i go to is more like a warm bath so its not too cold for him. i dont know about the chemicals but i havent had any problems. u could always ring the pool where u r going and see what they say. hope that helped

Yeah my DD has also loved the water. We started swimming lessons at just over 5 months. She loves it!
Hi there,

My ds is 6 months old and we have just started swimming when we were on holidays. I wanted to start earlier but was advised by the CHN to wait until 6 months as babies have then had 3 lots of immunisations so are less likely to pick up any bugs - each to their own though. Enjoy it when you start - it's heaps of fun!
my daughter is 13 months now and she has been going to swimming lessons for 7 months now and she loves it the recomended age for babies at the pool i take my daughter is 6 months they say the earlier the better as they dont understand fear of water,the older they are the harder it is to get them used to the water,so in my experience with my dd start taking your bub.

I've been told that the recommended age is 6 months but i've seen people take their bubs earlier than that.
Hi I was told by our local swim school that 6 months was the youngest that they would take babies as they don't have a shiver reflex until then so they can't regulate their temperature very well. On the otherhand the pool is so warm and the room is like a sauna so I am sure they would be warm enough!
I too was advised by my MCHN that it would be beneficial to wait until 6 months as she would have had 3 lots of immunisations.

We started as soon as my daughter turned 6 months and she absolutely LOVES the pool........

Hi - My 6 month old has been swimming in a heated pool since 6 weeks old - our physio runs a Post Natal class for mums and bubs so I figure it has to be safe! He loves it and can't get enough of the warm water and being able to spread out.
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