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How much does your 12 weeker weigh?? Rss

i had Tayah weighed to today at 11 weeks 5 days and she is 4.045k she was born 1.7kilo so im very happy with her weight:)

That is awesome weight gain.
My boy Kade started off little 2.103kg and had almost doubled his b/weight at 9 weeks was 4.1. He will be weighed at 11.5 weeks this week and if he keeps up his average gains hopefully he will be about 4.5kg.
Was Tayah a premmie? Kade was only 3 weeks early but very small for his age.
My 3 year old weighed 5.325 at 12 weeks, 2.820 born
Hope this was helpful.

Hi there,

My boy hadley was 3.74 kg at birth and at 12 weeks weighed 5.6 but at his next weigh went down to 5.52kg...
my little boy was 3.26k at birth and 5.07kg at 2 months but only put on 0.02kg in the past week which is a concern if he doesnt put any weight on this week

my little man was 3.40kg when he was born and loves his dinner, he is 12 weeks and is 5.9kg when he was weighed last week( so im very happy with him)
My DD was 3.4kg when she was born and at 13 weeks she is 7.1kg's. Not so little anymore, hehe!

My DS was born at 2.7 kg and weighed in at 5.5kg at 12 weeks. So many people comment on how little he is but me I see all his milestones as small as they are such as his first night in a cot rather than the bassineette, and fitting into Huggies Infants instead of newborn nappies. To me he is getting so big and chubby. I think there is no need worrying about how big our bubs are but rather do they look healthy, are they putting on weight, are you happy with their progress etc.
That's right, i think so too. My baby was 3 weeks premmie weighing 2.3. Now he's 12 weeks and weighing 5.5. People always say how tiny he is. But compared to what he was he's doing great developing.
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