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My 9 months Old Baby Rss

Hi, Momiessss! ? found this forum by searching to google about babys growth and really need some help. Lots of question inside my mind that really need to be answerd like "Is My 9 months old baby boy is in the exact healthy weight?" turning 10 months this December 5 and he Only weighted 7.5 kilograms (FYI me and my husband are asian. Filipino) he is a breastfeed baby and i can say that i dont have a lots of milk like most of you all. hes active but not that really active huhu im soo worried.. Please Help ????
I'm not exactly a reliable source being a first time mother myself, but I have heard that by one year of age a baby should be around 3 times their birth weight. I'd assume that if your baby is on track for that, and was not considered to have weight issues at birth, then he should be fine with his current weight.

Generally if he's feeding fine, and behaving fine, and not looking malnourished, then he should be fine, but if you're really concerned you could take him to your gp or child health nurse to check.
according to the babies weight chart the weight of 10 months old baby is should be between 7.5 - 11.2 Kg and your baby weight is 7.5 kg. The weight of your baby is ok..

It depends on a baby, but something around 7.5 - 11.2 kilograms is fine. As long as your baby is healthy and eating well - you should not be concerned at all smile

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