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When will my baby sleep through the night? Rss

If your baby is still very young, you may be despairing about whether they will ever sleep through the night. Before your baby can sleep through the night, she has to have hit a number of physical and cognitive milestones:

1. Decreased startle (or Moro) reflex. The startle reflex causes your baby's limbs to jerk in response to certain triggers: a loud noise, a change in temperature, sudden movement, even a bad dream. If your baby still has a strong startle reflex, her arms may flail and wake her from her sleep. The reflex usually drops significantly and disappears by 4 months.

2.Increased feeding and weight gain

3. Decreased multiple feedings during the night

4. Increased ability to self-soothe (by sucking on her fingers, hands, or a pacifier), a skill she'll need to help her get back to sleep if she wakes during the night

When to Expect Sleeping Through the Night to Begin

Some babies will begin to sleep for longer stretches between 4 and 6 months, but sleeping through the night for more than an 8-hour stretch typically occurs after 6 months. The ability to sleep through the night is helped by the elimination of nighttime feedings, which the infant is ready for after six months. This may be delayed for breastfeeding babies because they metabolise breast milk relatively quickly and require more frequent feedings. Also, just because your baby is capable of getting (and giving you) eight hours of uninterrupted sleep doesn't mean he will. Every baby is different and will do things on her own timeline.

If you think your baby is ready, there are things you can do to help him along the way. Put him down at the proper bedtime for his age, usually 7 or 7:30 p.m. for kids under age one. If your baby is up late, he may become overtired, which can cause him to take longer to fall asleep, to wake up more often during the night, and to wake up in the early morning. Routines matter, too. You don't need a strict one with a baby under 4 months because he isn't ready to sleep through the night anyway, but once your baby is older, establish a bedtime routine and keep it every night. Babies need consistency to help them feel safe and secure, so don't read a story one night and then skip it the next. And though it may seem easier to transfer your little guy to the crib after he's already sleep, it will make the process more difficult.

After four months, put him down fully awake, so he learns how to put himself to sleep at bedtimes. This way, he'll be more likely to do it again if he wakes up during the night. There are many techniques parents use to help their babies sleep through the night. Choose the method you think fits your family best, but remember that consistency is key. The sleep-learning process can take several weeks, depending on the method. Some common methods include the Ferber method, the "cry it out" method, the "fading" method, and the "no-cry" sleep training method.

What age was your baby when he / she slept through the night?
There will be no encouragement here. Four babies - were all three years old before they slept all night.
Our baby was about 9wks before she stopped waking up through the night (about 10pm -5am). Took a lot of persistence and constant falling asleep in my arms first though! She is now 12wks and sleeps from about 8.30pm - 6am then goes back down easily for another few hrs.
We started a rough routine of feed, bath, reading/cuddles then lights of and into bassinet around 4wks (with lots of crying then picking up for cuddles).
She has been on only expressed breast milk until recently when I have phased in formula for a few feeds a day so I was pumping every 2-3hrs in the early days. I thought I would be a sleepless zombie forever!!!
The is light at the end of the tunnel smile
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