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Bilingual Kids - are they losing their native tongue? Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

I am a Vietnamese Aussie who can barely speak Vietnamese however, I know enough to get by. I would love my LO to also learn the language but I feel that he has no hope since I am absolutely terrible at speaking it.

He doesn't spend enough time with the grandparents to learn from them either as they're busy with work.

What activities do you guys do to encourage a second language at home?
Do you feel there is a niche in the market for children bilingualism? Eg. Kids books and nursery rhymes?

Thanks guys xx
hi wendy try google there is so much on there also not sure if in your budget but you could also get a tutor good luck
I would suggesting asking on for some help. The users there are very helpful and knowledgeable. I am sure that someone will be able to help.
Speak what you know 24/7! Don't stress about mistakes - the most important thing is your child can speak the language and participate with their grandparents and other Vietnemese speakers
Hi Wendy!

I have an 8 months old and I am also trying to teach her French, but I don't speak the language (my partner does), so I play French cartoons and music from YouTube for her and says the few words I know. I have met a couple of other moms at playgroups and they used the same strategies and it has worked because their kiddies are around 3 years old.

All the best!
Encouraging your entire family to learn a few words at dinner table or so could peak their interest. Even a little bit from you can ignite a spark of interest, especially if they can speak to their grandparents in a few words. I noticed that this actually allowed the children to ask for more information. Introducing them to fun stories from your childhood could again present a wonderful opportunity to not only introduce them to the culture but also allow you to use even more fun words.
Try playing the music of the 2nd language and maybe try taking some classes in it bub might learn one language faster then the other but bub is never to old to learn the other one take your time and make it some thing fun
Speak what you know 24/7! Don't stress about mistakes and maybe you could use mica live app apk to promote the growth of children
For my kids, I want them to learn Mandarin and we will enroll them in a chinese school.
I'm also interested in this, thanks for the information!
Hi there, in my opinion you can make your kid listen some you tube videos over the internet. These days learning is very easy there is lot of stuff available on the internet and most of it is free. I would also recommend BBC kids, their websites also have some interesting activities for learning different languages. I hope my comment was helpful.
Contact_Wendyc I read your post and got your time. well, it is the desire of every parent. That her kids learn every language of the world. It depends on your kid’s interest. Most important one is his age. If he is too small or says 2 years then he can easily learn. At this age usually child’s follow their parents. Home environment learns them a lot. as far as you make your home environment according to your child’s mood he will learn quickly. As you said his grandparent remain busy in work. How he can spend his time with them.? All great things require time to exist in this world. Similarly, your kid requires attention and time. if you buy books and try to learn him form these books. He cannot learn until you sit close to him. You have to fix his time from your daily busiest life.
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