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My 12wk old HATES tummy time! Lock Rss

My 12 week old absoloutly hates tummy time. I'm worried that she isn't developing upper body strength because of it.

She can hold her head up almost and when she sleeps she sleeps with her head on the side. She is pretty active and wriggles and kicks all the time.

Should I be worried that she will get a flat head and when are they less likely at risk?

My son always hated tummy time from the very beginning. He'd scream and scream the entire time he was on his tummy. We eventually gave up. He never got a flat head. I think the risk goes down once they're sitting/ being held up right more so less time lying on their heads.

That said because he didn't do much tummy time he was late to crawl and walk. Our paediatrician wasn't concerned in the slightest. Now at nearly 3 he's exactly the same as everyone else.
Thanks for your reply

She does sleep with her head on each side and never directly on the back of her head.

I'm starting to give up as well
She is pretty active and already trying to roll when placed on her side.
Don't stress - a lot babies don't like tummy time. Maternal nurses do go on about it but really it's not a huge deal. 2 of my 4 hated it and I didn't worry about forcing them. They have beautiful heads still haha

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