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6month Growth Spurt/Wonder Week/Teething Lock Rss

Hi Parents.

I need a bit of advice. My son has just turned 7months and it seems to me that the dreaded 6month growth spurt has begun. I was waiting for it the whole time he was 6months but nope it has well and truly decided to turn up now. He is night feedng again (previously slept through), sleeping like a log all week this week (1.5-2.5 hr blocks) AND then going down to sleep and normal bedtime 630-7.

It seems so far in my wee mans life that when he experiences a growth spurt/wonder week, his teeth are on the move again, AND he gets sick. Really sick! At the moment, he is all sniffly, diarrohea, coughing like crazy, dribbling, bright red cheeks, crying with his fingers in his mouth, chewing everything, and power chucking on occasion bringing up snotty mucus and his milk. Of course I can only do so much to make him as comfortable as possible, including long cuddles (where he falls asleep on me, which is unusual he doesn't normally do this), paracetamol, bonjela, teething powder all the norm things we do to help our babies through these times.

The Dr is adamant that teething and growth spurts do not cause problems that relate to him being sick and that he has yet another virus. But all of these things seem to happen in conjunction with eachother and I am finding it very hard to accept the Drs explanation. Am I only the one who has been told this?

Is my son the only one who experiences all of these things happening together? I sat cuddling him the other night to comfort him and it occured to me that if he is having a growth spurt, wonder week and teething no wonder he is so miserable. His weebody is being absolutely slammed right now with growth.

I am just wondering are there any other parents out there experiencing (or experienced) something similar with their baby?
I agree with your Dr. Viruses cause the mucous and snotty nose and misery, and yes they do seem to coincide with teething, but I think it's just because at this age they catch everything going around, and they seem to be constantly teething for the first two years of their lives. Also when little ones are teething, they have their hands in their mouths all the time, and so they transfer viruses easily in to their mouths. I got so sick of mothers blaming fevers, green noses and coughs on teething when my kids were little - and they don't mind bringing their sick kids to play with others because they are 'teething' and so it's not contagious. Funny how my small one would end up with the same symptoms 3 days later!
Teething causes red cheeks, feeling a little warm but definitely not feverish, chewing, whinging, sometime a clear runny nose that will only last 1-2 days, rash around chin and on bottom, and generally not overly happy. All the rest - sick with a virus.
My son is now 11 months and just got over the worst of his teething so far, yet no teeth. *sooo heart breaking*. He's got a very bad runny nose, and coughing. He has never had a fever and rarely gets red cheeks. He does pull his ears a lot but I'm unsure if it's part of teething as he has curly hair covering his ears which irritates him a lot in general.

As many say, each child is different. But I believe teething can cause your child to be sick. My son has only been sick 3 times since birth and 2 of those times were from teething.
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