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Walking without support Rss

My little girl has just gone 15 months and she's still not walking. Im not fussed about that as I know all bubs reach that milestone at different ages. The thing that is frustrating me is that she can walk with her walker really easy has been doing this for ages. She always grabs our hands to walk with her and as soon as we let go she just cracks them and drops to the floor. I have even tried putting an object in my hand so she can grab that so I can let go but she knows the difference and will only hold our fingers... any suggestions on how to make her walk on her own? TIA
My twins did not walk till they were 20 months. Like your DD they were walking with a walker and holding our hands. Then all of a sudden they decided to take the steps by themselves. Mind you one continued full steam ahead but the other stopped walking and then about a month later started again. Just lazy I think.

It sounds like all is good but if your concerned talk to your GP about it.

My son was also a late walker. He never crawled and started cruising at 15 months then walking at about 16 months (was a butt shuffler before then). I found there wasn't much I could do to hurry him along and he did it when he was ready. We did see a paediatrician to check everything was ok.
Thank you. I believe patience is the key but Im running quite low on that lol
Samantha_123 wrote:
Thank you. I believe patience is the key but Im running quite low on that lol

I totally hear you. I was the same. Makes it so much easier when they walk. But then they start to run and all you seem to do is run, run, run after them.

No reasons to worry or rush things. You may take your baby for a check-up to make sure everything is OK, but she'll walk when she feels like it. Trust me. By the way, as someone stated above, once she starts walking, you'll have more trouble.
just have some patience smile

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Try to make some massage for your baby; usually it helps to make his muscles stronger and to walk earlier
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