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Something doesn't seem right Lock Rss

Hi everyone - it's been a long, long time, hope all is well!

Just wondering what some mums think and/or would do in this situation, please.

My 8.5mth old got gastro last Friday and was throwing up from 6pm Friday night to 2pm Sunday. He also had two lots of diarrhoea in that time.

He's had fairly runny poos ever since (about 6-7 since Monday) and it seems that when he's going to the toilet it hurts because he cries in pain (I imagine it's like the cramping feeling we get when we have gastro, maybe).

He's still not eating solids but has started back on his milk (although much less than usual) from Wednesday this week. It seems he's regurging something too, you can hear the bubbles coming up in his throat and see him swallowing but I don't know what that might be.

My other concern is that he's sleeping a lot more than usual. This morning he woke up about 5.15 which is early for him but he's done it before...he went down at 7.15 (which would be normal if he woke up that early) and he's still asleep now, 2.5 hours later! He has slept this long before ie, for 2 hours or so but, as I said, this week it seems he's sleeping more than usual.

We took him to the hospital on Sunday afternoon because I was worried he was going to end up dehydrated. They checked him over, told us it was gastro, gave him some hydralite and sent him home.

Yesterday I took him back to our GP because of the regurge and the crying when he goes to the toilet. He checked him all over again and said he was fine - told us to go back if he was limp, not focussing or has a rash which, when pressed, does not go away.

I did notice some red marks on his back this morning but, can't say for sure if they go or not when pressed...I think I'm too invested and don't really know what to look for, if that makes sense. I am going to check him over again when he wakes up.

Anyway, I guess the overall thing is - when your kids have had gastro, are these symptoms normal? Is it usual for them to be "off" for a week, no food etc?

The other factor in all of this could be teeth - he has none yet but is constantly biting on things and doing what looks like chewing with his mouth but with nothing in there...if that makes sense!

Sorry for the long post, I hope it makes sense and doesn't just seem to be a crazy, looney mum but I'm at a loss as to what to do and if this kind of thing is normal. Any help would be appreciated.

He seems to be doing well for a baby with gastro, he is drinking and sleeping well. He probably wants lots of cuddles too? And the docs have told you what symptoms to look for.

For my kids they can be off their food for a few days. DD1 is 5 and she had a tummy upset the other week, she didn't eat much for about 5 days afterwards, saying she was 'full' and she normally has a huge appetite.

I think keep an eye on him and if he starts to get worse go back to the hospital. If you go to the gp you might just get the wait and see speech. At least at the hospital they check him over.
Are you breastfeeding him or is he having formula? If he's having formula his gut might still be sensitive and be causing him pain? I would be giving him a probiotic as it sounds like he's still in a lot of pain.
You can get baby probiotics from the pharmacy. It's a powder that can be mixed with whatever he likes to eat/drink. After a gastro bug it's important to let the gut heal properly and this can take a bit of time and a probiotic will definitely help. I read that gastro bugs can last up to 10 days so he's probably still got it.
Good luck and hope he feels better soon.
Thanks honeyspider, I will look into a probiotic. I didn't realise they made them for babies!

He did manage some yoghurt just now too which is's a start, at least!
Oh that's great!
Even better, you can mix the probiotic with the yoghurt.
The brand I use is called Bioceuticals smile
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