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When is the exact time for toddle to start talking Lock Rss

Hello all beautiful members, hope you all have wonderful new year. I have one question please help me out. My little one she just celebrated her 2nd birthday, is not talking. She uses only few words like car, mom, dad. She will say wowser for flower. I am little worried now. Please I need all help. Thanks
As MO3C said there isn't "exact" times for anything to do with children. Is she babbling and making speech like sounds? 2 yr olds are often very difficult to understand and sometimes in amongst the incoherent babble is the attempts of words that eventually become clearer. Things that can help toddlers learn to speak are picture word books, using basic sentences, pointing out objects, encouraging her to use a word rather than responding to crying, reaching out - so like if she wants a drink and is crying for it, ask her to try and say "drink." If you're finding she's not improving then an assessment by a GP and speech pathologist would be a good idea, but more often than not it's just a matter of patience and time before little ones find their words

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All children develop at different rates. Does she understand everything you say and follow directions? My DS didn't really start talking properly until 2 1/2 yo whereas my DD has just turned two in Oct and talks in 6 and 7 word sentences, could say 80 words at 18 months.

I wouldn't be stressed about it just yet, read her lots of books and as PP said try getting her to ask for things she wants. Once they start talking you'll wish they weren't as the words no, why, I'm not soon wear thin!
Thank you very much all mums for reply. It is kinda relief smile thank you MO3C. Skubala yes she understands everything even she points towards things when she wants. She is using some of the word like bird, juice smile Mum2h&d actually my big girl is turning 6 and I don't remember when she started talking. That's why I got little worried. Once again thank you all.
Do you have a bilingual household by any chance? If so, there might be a chance that she starts speaking a bit later than usual.
just in my experience, my nephew wasn't talking well at all and it still sounded like baby babble at 2.5 yrs so my sister finally got him checked and turns out his ears were not good, he is 7 now and playing catch up, my 2 yr old can speak better than him.

never hurts to get checked but you will be surprised how much the vocab can change in a matter of months after there 2nd birthday! =) exciting times
Hi Mel, thanks for reply. with my 2 years old she does not have any hearing or sight problem. Whenever we call her she replies very promptly and she understand everything. Even she tries to be independent. She likes to do most of the things by herself ( and of course after that I need to clean big mess smile)

Scarpetta yes we speak 3 languages at home. Mainly two smile since me and my husband are from different background.

Once again thank you very much ladies for all your reply. I appreciate all your suggestions and feedback and will act on that.
I find that having older sibblings can make them lazy too. My older ones tend to do things for them and not make them ask etc. so your older DD (Daughter) may be doing everything for her too!

Boofarama I gues that is one of the reason too. My 5 years old DD loves her little sister. She just follows her every where smile
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