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Pulling themselves up? Lock Rss

At what age did your little one start pulling themselves up to stand?

And what is considered the "norm" for this (I know each and every baby is different.
our ds is nearly 9 months and last week he started pulling himself up to stand with the help of our lounge lol
Both of mine were pulling themselves up from 7 1/2 months and started cruising furniture at 9-10 months however DD1 was a 32 weeker so corrected age was 5 1/2 months and around 7 1/2 months for cruising. I think this is considered fairly average although DD1 was probably considered to be doing it on the earlier side of average once her age was corrected.
9 months old she started pulling herself up, now she is 10 months and she has just started standing on her own smile
My ds who is 12 months has just started to pull himself up but yet again he was a late crawler too (11 months). They all develop differently.
I think DD started around 10-11 months i actually have a photo of her doing this the day she first did it.
my DS was just on 11 months when he started pulling himself up, he is almost 1 year old now and still isent walking or standing on his own. he pulls himself up on everything he can find tho, including the fridge door so he can swipe at the magnets smile
My bub is 7 months and pulled herself up for the first time yesterday and then again tonight.

She is growing up too fast!!
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