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Flat Head - what can I do??? Lock Rss

Hello all

I have a gorgeous 10 week old boy. As with alot of babies he has a flat head. The problem I have is that if I put his head on the side, he just moves it back!!

What did you do/have you heard of doing, to help get head shape back on track?

Emma & Riley x

We used a sleeping wedge to keep my son on his side.

A flat head is something you want to get sorted out early.Our son had a preference for one side so his head starting looking funny.It's way better now but still not quite perfect.He's 8.5 months.

Also when they are awake give heaps of tummy time so they can keep off their head.


hi there
my DS developed a flat spot on one side that the CHN noticed at 6 weeks. she told me to roll up a cloth nappy to prop him slightly the opposite way so it would be harder for him to turn onto the flat spot. it didn't work too well though. also DS hated tummy time (he had reflux) so i didn't have much luck there. if you are bottle feeding make sure hold bub in a diff arm each feed.

in the end what fixed it for us was seeing a chiro. if you have reservations about chiro then a physio would do similar. basically ds had trouble turning his head to the left so he favoured the right, resulting in a flat spot. after his first visit to the chiro he was able to sleep with his head all the way to the left and stayed that way most of the nap. after about 6 weeks the flat spot had fixed itself.

a lot of babies have neck stiffness due to the birth process and favour one side, so it is quite common. even if the birth wasn't traumatic it is still a lot for their bodies to go through and its no surprise it can cause them neck and back issues.

it is best to get onto it as early as you can before it gets too bad. speak to your chn about it and see if she thinks you should take bub to a chiro/physio.

our little girl had the same prob, minus the flat spot, as she has always been in her cot and favors sleeping on her back over anything else, the good thng tho is she turns her head a LOT while she is sleeping, but when she doesn't stay on one of her sides we find it best putting her in her sleeping wedge, and wrapping her snuggly (inside the wedge) in a recieving blanket, and this keeps her nice and warm and cozy and helps her not to roll onto her back when she's on her sides smile

hope this helps smile


My litlle girl is 6 months old and her head didn't start to flatten till 2-3 months. we had the same problem with trying to sleep her on her side, we even tried moving the cot around lik the midwife suggested, but it hasn't worked.
Someone suggested we take her to an osteopath, we have taken her a couple of times now, and we have already started to see a difference. ( she also sleeps for 4 hours afterward) and night time sleeping is much better.

so i recomend and osteopath that specializes in babies.

Kerry and Makayla
Hi I used a donut shaped pillow that I purchased from the sleepstore website. worked a treat takes the pressure of the flat spot. Can be used in the cot or on the floor during the day. Car seats and the like also contribute to flat spots so don't have bubs in for too long
My little girl had the same problem. I was recommended a physio who specialises in infants and to buy a head pillow for her. I used a 'Lovenest' which worked a treat to stop her lying on the one side. The physio showed me various exercises to do with bubs and alternative ways to hold her etc to encourage the head to return to a normal shape. Happy to say at 6 months she now has a nice rounded head and no more neck problems (this is also a common problem with babies favouring one side). Highly recommend a specialist physio if you can find one.

Both of my children had flat spot. My daugther was quiet severe i took her to paedtrican he basically said don't worry, it will sort it self out. She is now 3year and all is good.

My 8month old has flatten the whole back of his head off. It is starting to get better now that he is rolling over in his sleeping and crawling. My child health nurse keeps telling me to go to physo another one says to massage the head. Been to 3 doctors and they all say it will fix its self. I always worry about it,because they are only opinions but they say as long as the head is growing thats the main thing.. he also had a big soft spot at the back of his head as well as on top. Wondering whether that has anything to do with it. I open to suggestion and opinions to help correct this quickly.

Hi my Ds was starting to get one too, but i found he was looking at the door as thats where the light was.. i used to wedge him up with rolled up towels or cloth nappies then when he would wake for a feed i would then put him on his other side until the next feed.. goodluck and i hope you get it sorted out soon smile
My son is 5 months olds and at 10 weeks old he was diagnosed with a severe case of flat head.
This is what we were advised to do and it worked excellent- he nolonger has flat head.
1- ulternate the ends of the cot/basinette where you place baby to sleep..this forces them to turn the head the other way when they wake to look at you. Baby may cry at first and find it ahrder to settle as it can hurt when they turn their head the other way. I found it best at first to soothe baby to sleep before placing in the cot.
2/ we purchased a sassy 2 in 1 sleeper - it has a special pillow fitted to it that you unlternate. (my baby has outgrown mine and was about to list on ebay p.m me if you are interested before I list. Ours cost $45 from our local baby shop.
Not sure what helped the most but these 2 things combined worked. The health nurse was so surprised at how quicky he recovered.

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