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1st tooth Lock Rss

hey xcited jackson started cutting his 1st tooth last night.this morning he startd chomping on my finger and i can actually feel the top of the way jackson is will soon be 10mths so as u can c thats y im so xcited.
Hi Jacksonsmummy
My son got his first tooth a 10 months too!! and now 2 weeks later he has 2 more
I was so excited I rang my friends so I totally know what you mean
Yay for both of you!!

Mummy to Joe and Maggie

Hey Jacksonsmummy,
That's great! They look so cute with tiny teeth coming thru. My wee man has had 1 for a couple of weeks, just the 1 that keeps getting bigger!!
He loves playing with it or likes it when we feel it. I managed to get a photo of it, took about an hour! Watch out though, you can get a nasty nip off those sharp little buggers....
Has it bothered him?
Didn't seem to bother my'n, his dad just found it there 1 morning.
Have fun

Jen and 13mth Harvey

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