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Hi Everyone!

Not sure how many babies out there have lots of hair but Brayden's hair is getting quite long esp around his ears. He is 10 months old and I'm wondering if I should take him for a haircut soon!

Should I do it myself... just a trim... I have no hairdressing experience... but I guess it might be less of a hassle for me to do it at home. Then again, I can just imagine him squirming and unable to sit stilll... which worries me - sharp scissors etc.

My hairdresser would probably do it at a minimal cost... and I could take him in when I go for a trim of my hair...

Hmmm, anyone got any suggestions or experiences to share??


Bye for now.

I suggest NOT doing it yourself. We attempted this with our son when he was 6mths old and almost took off his ear. He ended up with a shocker of a haircut that I told everyone his nan did! Its starting to get long again now and im definatly going to ake him to a professional this time.

Jacqui, QLD, Cooper 19/7/2005

Hi, My son it 10 months old and has already had two haircuts. My sister is a hairdresser and does it for me. Babies are very cheap to have haircuts, and if you find someone that's good with kids, it's done quickly with no fuss. My sister doesn't make him sit still, she just cuts it while he's playing and he hardly even notices. Good luck!


Hi! Hannie,

I think that you are probably better off taking him to the hairdresser... I would worry about them squirming - and I think you might need the extra set of hands. Unless you had someone else who could do it - so that you could sit with him!

However the new environment might take his mind of it! I would also worry about him squirming. If I did it on my own Arianna would be too worried about turning around to see what I was doing - and I would be devastated if I hurt her in anyway!

If you have a hairdresser you can trust! Go ahead and do it! And the other ladies are right - it would be so cute to get some nice photos of her first haircut!!!!

Good luck! Aletha

Arianna, Reagan & Oakley

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