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Bumbs and bruises ! Lock Rss

How do you cope with your bubs having those little accidents as they start to be more mobile?

My DD is crawling like a trooper now. She is starting to figure out that she can pull her self up, getting to her knees without any help. Naturally, she is starting to fall a bit and getting some scratches and marks on her little legs and arms.

The poor hubby is so freaked out about it, constantly being near her to stop her falling. I am a bit more casual, letting her go as I think she needs to work it out for herself. She isn't in any direct danger, such as, no sharp edges etc.

She has a few cries here and there but I think its more the shock from hitting her head on the carpet as she looses balance and tubles side ways. I don't know, just feeling a bit bad about it as don't like seeing her upset.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

I think it's just one of those things all kids half to learn on their own. Personally I'd be a bit wary of tiled floor or concrete. But babies are very top heavy till they grow into their head (LOL) so she's gunna keep doing it for a while. As long as she's not "really" hurt I'd just encourage her and make the whole thing fun. "Whoops"
I think if we all did what we wanted and wrapped our kiddies in cotton wool and bubble wrap they never learn anything tongue .
I too am paranoid about my 8 month old falling over as we have tiles thoughout the whole house. I feel like I've got to follow him around constantly. Has anyone tried those little baby helmets? I'm seriously thinking about getting one but not sure if I'm being silly? What does everyone else think?


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