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Not showing signs of rolling & crawling at 10 months Rss

Hi All

I am not sure if I am concerned but I wanted to just find out whether there were other babies out there who are similar to my little girl. My dd is 10 months old and is not interested in being on her tummy or rolling or crawling. I do encourage all of the above. She has an older brother who also didnt enjoy these things but we put it down to him being 6 weeks premature. My dd was a full term baby and has reached all other milestones. Is she just lazy!!! Also, how do encourage water drinking??? She has little sips but that's it. Love to hear from other mothers on both subjects.


Bridget, NSW, 1 toddler and 1 baby

hay jazz is 10 months aswell sep 15th,

i found making the water warm like her milk did the trick,

also with rolling i cant really help as jazz had a hip splint on for 6 months but put a toy on one side or put a toy in front of her to try and get her to get it

Hi there

My little girl is 10 months old as well & is exactly the same as your little one, although she loves being on her tummy & can get on her knees when we aren't in the room, but has no interest in crawling at all, we have rolled towels up to put underneath her to encourage her to crawl, toys, you name it we've tried it. She is meeting all her milestones as well, so I'm not concerned as she keeping learning & developing everyday & eventually she'll get crawling or maybe just skip the crawling altogether...

Also she is the same with water will only have a few sips & that's it..

Hi Bridget
I am in the same boat as you, except my daughter is 9 months old. She can sit by herself and that's about it. Absolutely no interest in being on her tummy, rolling or crawling. I too am not sure whether I should be worried. My 3yo was well and truly crawling by this age and had been rolling for months. Actually my 9mo did roll at about 4 mo a few times, and I thought I was in for an early mover, but she hasn't done it again since. She screams throughout tummy time so matter how entertaining I am! She seems fine in every other way, so I guess I will just wait a bit longer and see how she goes. Sorry not much help but I can sympathise!!
Alison, NSW, a 3yo and 9mo.
Hi Bridget,
My son has just gone 10 months. I was having the same concerns only a couple of wks ago but guess what, I gave up and then all of a sudden he started to drag himself around and then within a couple of days crawling, pulling himself up and putting himself into a sitting position. So dont be concerned give your little girl time.
Having sips of water is better than nothing. My son only drinks water out of the cups we use or our drink bottles.


I just wanted to let you know about the water thing, my DD is breastfeed and would hardly have any water but in the last week or so (leading up to 11 months) she has started to have more water. She is very particular about the sippy cups we use tho and won't have a bar of most of them.
Thank you all ladies for confirming with me that there are other babies out there as my darling little girl. I guess sometimes we have high expectations of our little ones.

Thanks again

Bridget, NSW, 1 toddler and 1 baby

Hi, my first DD didnt crawl until almost a year old and walked at 15 months, there was nothing wrong with her, she just enjoyed lazing around, like she does now. lol

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