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Hyperactive baby? Lock Rss

Just wondering how many other mum's out there have hyperactive babies?
My DS is 9 months and has been incredibly active(even in the womb!)
He is very very busy, has absolutely no attention span (I know it is very limited at this age - but his is nearly non exsistent). He loves to investigate anything and everything but only goes over picks it up, puts it down then moves onto something else. Toys are of little interest. Hard to keep happy/entertained and quite whingey.
Also wondering from other older children if their temperant and personality stayed similar as they got older.
This is certainly true of my other son who is 3 1/2 he was/is very inquistive (thoroughly investigates something to see what it does and how it works) very easy going child hardly cried (basically no tantrums)and has remained like this (so far).
It is impossible not to find myself comparing (which I know I shouldn't as he is his own little person) but after having such an easy going child to this funny little man who is so demanding I wonder what I have myself for! He already throws mini trantrums now!
Would love to hear others experiences.
my DD was a baby who was constantly on the go, she was so bad she never slept during the day past 6 months and used to fall asleep standing up (leaning on something)- she now is 10 and has ADHD- she isnt a naughty kid she just cant keep quiet or sit still. i always thought she did have it even when she was a bub... her dad had it to. she is so intellegent she is a year and a half above her age for reading, but rushes her school work so is always in trouble for not finishing things or it being messy oh and her non stop talking- she is a great kid but she really is hard work


My almost 5 month old is like this I think. He never sits still or just relaxes, I can't hold him and he just be content. Oh and he has never been once to just fall asleep anywhere just instantly gets cranky. He tries to get out of my arms or tries to sit up or reach for things. I change him from position to position to keep him happy. He doesn't stay too happy in any one position for too long. I think he gets frustrated because he can't move. He started rolling from his back to his tummy 2 days ago. But before that all he would do is tense his legs and arms and grunt and whinge instead of playing with the toys on the play gym.

I find it so hard to keep him entertained and he never seems relaxed. I keep thinking it is something I'm doing wrong with him, but I'm hoping once he can crawl and move around to things he will be happier. At the moment I get so frustrated cos he wants to do more than he can and i can only help him so much and he only lets me help him so much.

Even when I try and sit with him in a sitting position he tries to reach right over the sitting position to get to the floor, but then cracks it when he hits the floor.....

Do others have babies like mine??
Most definitely Bernie!! My DD is 6 months and she is exactly the same!!! The only time she is semi happy is in the pram at the shops, which would be ok, but I spend too much money!!
She also wants everything she cant have and doesnt sit still and chucks tantrums constantly!
my eldest daughter is 4 now and was the most placid, content bub I had ever seen.
I'm also hoping she grows out of it when she starts getting mobile..
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